MET - Practice Test 5 - Grammar Comments

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51. If you hadn’t helped with the assignment, ______ working on it for hours.

a) could be b) might have been

c) ought to have been d) might be

Third Conditional if + past perfect, ...would/could/might + have + past participle

52. Mike enjoys ______ his coworkers on

Monday mornings.

a) catching up

 enjoy + v-ing  catch up with =

b) catching up with

to find out what's new or

c) with catching up


d) catching him up

53. I’ll put the box on the seat between you and


a) I

I + verb  verb + me

b) me


c) my

I went to the store.

d) mine

Mom hugged me.

54. The Himalayan mountains are believed

______ about 50 million years ago.

a) to have been formed b) that were formed c) forming d) to form


subject + passive + to-infinitive Ex.: He is expected to arrive soon. Ex.: The Himalayan mountains are believed to have been formed…

55. It is very appropriate that Mary won the

award for ______ student paper.

a) a better b) better c) the best d) best of

superlative good – the best

56. All ______ access to clean, safe drinking


a) people should b) people should have c) should have people d) should people have

All with no article When all refers to a whole class of people or things, we don’t use the:

All people + should have (deveria ter)

57. The costumes for the upcoming theater

performance are ______ complete.

a) almost


b) soon

(em breve)

c) yet

(ainda / porém)

d) far

(longe / muito)

58. The company is not doing poorly; ______,

profits actually rose last year.

a) under no circumstances (sob nenhuma circunstância) b) apart from this

(além disso)

c) on the contrary

(pelo contrário)

d) despite this

(apesar disso)

59. Students who study daily ______ high levels

of academic success.

a) are capable of achieving

capable of


b) are capable to achieve


c) capability of achieving


d) capability to achieve

capaz de fazer algo

60. Matthew owns two computers, but he wants to buy ______.

a) another

b) other one c) some more of d) other

another = um outro

61. Some people are more concerned ______

about the budget cuts.

a) they are than others b) other than c) than others d) other than them

 comparative: more + adjective + than

 other + noun  others - can be used to take the place of the word other, followed by a plural countable noun (others = other people)

62. Even though the race participants ______

maps, some of them still got lost.

a) has

indicates past time

Do, Does, and Did for Emphasis

b) did

 “Do” and “does” are used in

c) do have

the Present Simple.

d) did have

“Did” is used in the Past Simple.

63. There’s a huge convention in Chicago this

weekend, so I’d rather visit ______.

a) anyplace

(qualquer lugar)

b) where else

(onde mais)

c) somewhere else

(algum outro lugar)

d) other place

(outro lugar)

64. Seldom ______ ever strike in the same place


a) for lightning to b) lightning did


neither - barely - hardly - only rarely - scarcely - seldom – etc.

c) that lightning will

Lightning seldom strikes in the same place twice.

d) does lightning

Seldom does lightning strike ….

65. Javier told his group to ______ the project

while he was away.

a) keep him company for

(faça-o companhia por)

b) get him in touch with

(colocá-lo em contato com)

c) keep him posted on

(mantê-lo informado sobre)

d) get hold of him to

(se apossar dele para)

66. ______ movie is my favorite.

a) This

b) Those c) These d) Theirs

movie – singular noun This movie….

67. Jonathan chose ______ City University because they have an excellent engineering program .

a) he studied at b) to study at c) studying d) studying for

Verbs followed by a to-infinitive afford - demand - pretend - begin help - start - choose - hope - try continue - intend - want - etc.

68. If my colleagues had wanted my opinion,

they ______ it.

a) would have asked for

3rd conditional if + past perfect +

b) would have asked

would + have + past

c) have asked about


d) had asked

 ask for something

69. The children did a survey and found more people prefer cats ______ dogs.

a) versus

b) to c) for d) above

We use a prepositional phrase with to when we compare two things or actions: I prefer tea to coffee. We prefer going by ferry to flying. She prefers books to magazines.

70. The class is difficult, but those ______ will

learn a lot.

a) which made it out b) who took it over

Relative Pronouns . who  people . which  animals and things … but those (people / students / etc.) who . take over - take control of . see through - to continue doing

c) who see it through something until it is finished, d) that save it up

especially something unpleasant or difficult
MET - Practice Test 5 - Grammar Comments

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