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Gontents Map of the book Acknowledgements Introduction

Un¡ñüf UmfiüZ

Is tlrerea bank? Airmail,pleasel

4 6 -7

10 14 'lB


what'son? what's in yourluggage?



Whereshallwe eatit



somewhere to stay



on top of TabteMorurtain



lt's ringing






UmfiülO what'sinthe news? Umilr:l I I'll checkmy email





Is that speltcorrectty?



Un¡fit13 Howdo I ioin? Un¡Etl4 At the sportscentre


túmEtl5 I'd tiketo üuorkhere UmEtl6 Justthelobl














Using a dictionary


Answer key


Unit number



Howto ,,.


I$ there a hanle?

Shopsandother se¡vices

ó scana textto find particular piecesof information s find outaboutservices in theareawhereyouarestaying a readnotices in shopwindows andfindoutexactly what services areavailable


Airmail, pl€as*!

Sending mail abroad

s reada postofficeleafletquicklyto geta generalideaof whatit isabout s findtheinformation youneedto decidewhichisthe bestwayto sendlettersandpostcards abroad o find outhowto sendpackets andpackages abroad


Vllhat's on?

Theatre and cinema

o understand a textwithoutknowingthe meaningof every word o reada theatreprogramme andchoose a showyou wouldliketo see o reada cinemabrochure, andfindoutaboutpaying for tickets andmembership


Whaü'sin ycur Iuggage?

Handand checked-in ru88a8e

o findwordswithsimilar meanings in a text o findoutaboutrestrictions to yourhandluggage o decideif youneedto declare anything at Customs


Whereshatrl we eát?

Foodandeating ouf

understand descriptions of dishesandrecommendaüons, andchoosewhatyouwouldliketo eat g workoutthefunctionof eachsentence in a text o understand webrecommendations andchoose a place to eat


Someurhereto stay

Hostel accommodation

useyourknowledge andexperience to predict the contentof a text e findoutabouta hostelandwhatit offers c findtheanswers to frequently askedquestions


On top sf fahle Mountain


readandfindtheinformation youneedwithoutfocusing on unknown words o tryandworkoutthe meaning of unknown words findoutaboutanattraction fromleaflets aboutit


It's ringing


s usea chartto makenotesandcomparethings o choosethe bestmobilephonepackage for yourneeds c decidehowto payfor callsfroma publicphonebox

Map of the book

Unit number TiUe


How to .,.

* identifythe mostimport¿nt partsof sentences * followinstructions in a firstaidmanual andgivefirstaid * findoutabouttreatment at Accident andEmergency (A&E)



Firstaidand accidents


lfiiBnÉt'$ i* á*:e a¡g¡gr*?


useheadlines to predict thecontent of newspaper articles understand shortnewspaper articles identifywordsthatareusefulto you

X'!$e3ce*3< rxag *ra?aáE

Keeping in touch

workoutthemainpurpose of an email understand emailabbreviations and'smileys' identify different typesof emailanddealwiththem


Is rhat spelr correctly?

British Checking spellings o identify English andAmerican English spellings o addwordsto thecomputels customized dictionary o identifu incorrect -- - - spellinss -r .-o-


How do-Iioin?

Usinga library


At the sports Genüre

Staffnoticeboard o usea varietyof approaches whenreading texts o readadvertisements on a noticeboard anddecidewhat youareinterested in findoutabouttakingup a newsportandhavinglessons


I'd like fo work here

Working in a music store



Finding a job

dd E*

o putthesentences of a textintoyourownwords o findoutabouta librarywhatyoucanborrowandwhat youhaveto payfor

usea dictionary withEnglish definitions to findoutthe meaning of words o findoutaboutjobsandbenefitson a company website 0 choose a iobyouareinterested in skima pageof advertisements in a newspaper to find outwhichonesaremostusefulto you job advertisements understand andchoose a jobwhich suitsvou complete a job application form

Xs*ketre& fussrk? read



Lookat the listof placesagain.Whichplacesareshops? Whichprovideotherservicesfor customers? Wntetwo lists

shops - ----"u-&y.r-'"s--- -

serulces .-.---_-9_s4y-_"---"

S Lookat the photographs. Whataretheseshopsand services? Choosefrom the wordsin the box. i

i bake/s i


& Add someotherplacesto the h,voiistsabove. & lmagineyou are doinga languagecoursein Britain.

a -.-.---fui*d.wq lp--.-.. b

d €



Lookat yourilstof shopsand seruíces. Whichshops and servicesare most importantto you?(X: not very rmportant, /: important,'/,/ : veryimportant)

1 l m a g i n e y o u a r e d o i n g a l a n g u a g ec o u r s ei n S u m m e r t o w n

and you see the leaflet on the opposite page on the school noticeboard. Look quickly at the leaflet. What is ¡t about? Tick / one of the boxes. , . [ : : u m n e r t t w .I b .cervrces in SumrlertownI c :rirops ¡ird seruices in Summertown[]

Learning tip We sometrrnes look througha texl to find a particularpieceof rnformationThls type of readlngis cailedscanning.Whenwe scan,we clon'treadeveryword.We f,nd the rnformatronwe're lookingfor and then stopreading.We don't pay any attentionto the rest of the text


S Socialand Travel

Scanthe leaflet on the opposite page and find the answersto these questions.Answer yes or no" a ls ther-e a bikerentaislore rn Sumnrefiown? . g9l .". h l sl l e r e a p o s to f i r c e ? c ls therean internetcaÍé? ,.j .cfhere¿ ctnerf¿? e ls therea drycleaner's? """ i I ' t h e r ca n o p l i t i a ns ?

Is tlrere a bank? [t:]ii¡Eü't Which of the serv¡ces¡n Exercise2 are in Banbury Road?Which are in South Parade?Write BR or 5P after your yes answers¡n Exercise2. is a busycommun¡q/ We hopeyou will enjoyyour stayhere!Summertown north from whichhasbuiltup aroundBanburyRoad,themainroadheading the centreof is a mainlyresidentialarea.Here are somenotes whichwe hopewill helpmakeyour stayenjoyable.

What other shops and serv¡cesare there ¡n Summertown?Write a list.

59 and Oxford City Centreiswithin easyreach.Several buses- 7,7, 17,25,27, 2 I 8 - run frequentlyto andfrom the centre.Alternatível¡you canrent or buy a bikeandcycledown BanburyRoadin aboutten minutes.(Youcanhirea bike Cycles,or buyyour own.) at Summertown

Shops and other serv¡ces Youdont needto go into Oxfordfor your shopping asyou will find you needherein Summertown. Mostshopsarein Banbury everyth¡ng for food shopping.The Co-op(at the Road.There arethreesupermarkets southernendofthe shopingarea)is openunt¡l lOpmon weekdayevenings food shopsincludea andhasthe longestopeninghours.Other specialist fruit shop,a delicatessen, a Lebanese shopandtakeawa¡a butcher'sshopand two bakert.Unlessotherwisestated,shoppinghoursare from 9.30amuntil 5.30pm,Monday-Saturday. in Summertown, Thereusedto be three newsagent's but now there is only one.Martinsis at the northernendof the shoppingarea.Martinscanorder foreignnewspapers for you.Speakto one of the salesassistants if you'dliketo arrangethis.Youcanalsobuystampshere.Thereis no longera postofficein nearestpostofficeis in the centreof Oxford. Summenown.The - Lloyds, Therearethreebanksin Summertown HSBCandBarclays. Openinghoursare 9.00am-4.30pm. All of themhaveATM machines outside. Other shopsin BanburyRoadincludea stationerl,a book store,a health is alsoan internetcafé,a computershopanda shopanda cardshop.There homefor you branchof MAILBOXESETC.whichwill shipyour possessions at the end of your stay. whichis at the northernendof Summertown Libraryis in SouthParade, libraryis openeverydayexceptWednesday BanburyRoad.The andeveryone is welcome.You'll find lots of informationaboutthe areahere,andyou can alsoreadthe newspapers. Thereisnt a cinemain Summertown, but therearetwo videorental in BanburyRoad,offersthe usualma¡nstream films. stores.Blockbuster, in SouthParade, Videosyncratic, on the other hand,hasa wide selectionof foreignfilms. travelagent'sandlaunderetteare both in SouthParade.There Summertown's is alsoa dry cleanerlin BanburyRoad.You cangetyour photosdeveloped there too, For your medicalneeds,there are two chemist'sin BanburyRoad. Thereis alsoan optician's. Thereare severalhairdresser's, bothfor menandwomen,in Summertown. T¡ro of them -Wendy Burnett'sandAnthonyLawrence- alsooffer a range of beautytreatments.

Are thesesentences true (T) or false(F)?

a Thereis a good bus seruiceinto Oxfordfrom Summertown.__J__ b Mostshopsin Summertownare closedon Sundays. _--_-_ is c The Co-opsupermarket oppositethe newsagent's. _____ d The newsagent's sells stamps._____e The bestdayto go to the libraryis Wednesday. --____ f Therearetwo hairdresse/s in Summertown.___---

Classbqrus Writesomequestions aboutthe 2 or some textlikethosein Exercise sllementslikethosein IueÍalse_ 5. Civeyourquestions/ Exercise statements to anotherstudent yourpartne/s questions Answer or decideif his/herstatements are ' trueorfabe. Are there any other shops or servicesyou would like to find in Summertown?



youaredoinga language lmagine coursein anotherBritishtownor for this city.Lookat thevr¡ebsite town/city.Scanthewebsiteto find you outif it hasallthe services notedin Getrecdytu reed. tl


Is therea bank?

B I saw iü in tÉ¡ernrimdemr Look at these noticesfrom windows of shopsand placesin Summertownwhich provide other services. Where would you see each notice?

1 Complete these sentences.

viA*n rexlnL sbre

lf I wantedto renta bike, l'd go to a

raararalal h

,pEN 7.DDam uAar wAaH -7.DDpn CLO5E 8,4OPN 6ERt/LcE wAail 4.7Dan - 2.3Oyn Mondag - FrLdag

company and will soonbe

;,$b"ary, to all our patients,

In order to aseLef cue{omere, * on a voluofarg .fo{f m¿mbers "{ baeLs - are wLllLng fo oamplofe washLag later,

befween do aof loes

@ Sociat andTravel


wLll be dallaoted

ThLs Le a prLvafe


oqstomer aooepf damage


arra.^gemenf sta{f,

respoasLbLlLfg fo


a^d {or

t4e ang

eaLd tlashLng,

t .t

Is therea bank?Un¡iltt Scanthe noticesand answerthese questions.The question letters match the notice letters. a Whatexactlv canvourentfor €9?


4 Look at this notice from another shop in Summertown.This shop sells things, but what is different about it? Complete this sentence. Oxlan sdls ütnqs

b Canyou get takeawaymealshere? c How muchtime do you getfor the cheaperbudgetcard?

S *xrarn

d Whymightsomepricesbe higher?

Opening Times

andhealth? e Dotheyonlydealwithmedicine

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

f Whencan'tyouusetheATMmachine? g Whosephonenumberisgiven? h Whatisthelatesttimeyoucanstartyourwashing?




5.3Opm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm CLOSED

We are very gratefulfor your donatedgoods. Please help us by leavingthem when the shop is OPEN.

for and from

Leavingdonationsoutside the shop at any other time presents a fire risk, and donationsget STOLEN.

We use for

Thankyou for your cGoperation,

- to showanamountof moneyandtime:2 forE7for2 nights - whensomething canbe usedbysomeone or something: Discounts Mondoyonly for students Weusefromto show - wheresomething Breodfreshfromtheoven started: - whensomething pricesfromApril2006 started:Revised * the startingprice:/A/IERtuET from90p on hour withfor ar from. Complete thesesentences is open---.-{tg-----7.00am. a Thelaunderette fishcomes thesea. b Fresh f5. budgetcard----------------c Youcanbuythecheapest peoplewithoutwashingmachines. is --.-------------d Thelaunderette freshfruit. e Youcangoto thesupermarket f A haircut costs----"-----.-----89. fromthetext. Complete thesetwo expressions further information, contact 01865244699. R __-__--------.--. h Wedo notacceptresponsibility anylossor damage.

Did you know ...? Odamwasstartedin Ig42andis the IJK'slargestaid agency.'Oxfam'js shortfor'OdordCommittee for Fa¡¿ine Relief'.Its headguarte¡s usedto be in Summertown andits fustshopis in the centreof Oxford.TheSummertor¡m shopis oneof 5001ntheUK. ,t_t'd.i'l..

5 Look at all the noticesagain.Which of the shops and serviceswould you use if you lived in Summertown?

$$$s$$s$$*$$$.$#*s $s$$"$"s$ $.$#$#$sr Can-dochecklisb lck whatyoucando. piecesof information. I canscana textto find particular in the areawhereI am staying. I canfindoutaboutservices what I canreadnoticesin shopwindowsandfindout exactly services areavailable,

kolea¿o /rinka 5oo Raba, ul|-ña zo't¿t'Pola¡d

A tam I hawea stisker? Learning tip Weoftenlookat a text qulckiyto findout whatit is about or to geta generalideaof its meaning, Welookat pictures andheadings, aswell asthe text itself.Thistypeof read"ing is caliedskimñng.\ly'henwe skim,we don'treadevery word.Wegetthe marnideaanddon'tpayattentionto the smalldetails. You are going to read a text from a leaflet called Mail made easy. Skim the text on the opposite page. What is it about? Tick / one of the boxes. a sending letters andpostcards withinthe UK f b sending letters andpostcards withinEuropefl c sending letters andpostcards allovertheworldf, Skim the text again.Which of these sentencesis true?Tick / one ofthe boxes. a Airmail isfasterbutmoreexpensive thansurface mail.I b Surface mailis slowerandmoreexpensíve thanairmail. I c Airmailis cheaper

@ SociatandTravel

3 How do you addressthe envelopes? Completethe sentences. a !t. Hgy..y? -!?-t9-Í{!*_z _!o!

g-y?rg.?.\tfu bJf .-s-o-q..4f t9--T.s!¿_s9_{ Fccuson ... pounds aneipence

"'F* u,t '.

," '!; Lookat thelistof airmailpriceson theleaflet. Círcle thefigures fortheseprices. a onepoundforty-one (pence) b threepoundsten (pence) c sixty-four pence d fourpoundsandh,vopence

Nowwritetheseprices in words.Practise saying the prices aloud. e fO.72 ---?-e-y%fu:W9_-p94*_-_-__-_.--. f g n t

81.O2 E1.79 €2.14 E2.7O




Which packagewould you choose?Why?



Findoutaboutanother mobilephone package byüsitingthewebsiteof a youknow.How mobilephoneprovider withthe doesthispackage compare abouil threeyouhaveilready'read

,,''r¡,¡i{l$It's ringing

B Xf;sms *xla*#&a wiñEÉt

sss€? 1 An Americanfriend is visiting your country.He does notwant to use his mobile phone because ¡t ¡s too expensive.Answer his questions (if you can).

You have lost your mobile phone and you need to make some callsfrom a public phone box in London.You are worried about how much callsmight cost. Skim the phone box notice on the right and complete the sentence with the correct section numbers. Sections and____.___--__ areabout paying forcalls.

@ SociatandTravel


It'srinsinsUjmflü$ Focuson...

lmagineyou have these coins in your wallet. Then answer


nounsand verbs Findthewordschongeandcollinthenotrce page. ontheopposite (Theybothappear several times.)Whatarethesewords? a nouns b verbs c bothnounsandverbs Complete thesesentences fromthenotice. Arethemissing wordsnouns(N) or verbs(V)?Circlethecorrectleüer. a Payphones operate and--..d¿¿p-t+U--. in f sterling. N 0 b Seethepayphone for details. N V . c Cashcalls,--_-._-..-_._--_ 70pforthefirstminute. N V d This is at (020)78393450. N V e SOSemergency calls* _______--"--_--._ 999or I 12free N V

a WhichonesareUKsterling? b Whichof theUKcoínscanyou

usein allpublicphones? c Whenphones accepteuros, can

youusethemfor alltypesof call?

Complete thesesentences withsomeof thewordsabove. Arethemissing wordsnouns(N) orverbs(V)? f Myparents---_-tgll--._--me everydaywhenl'mawayfromhome. N 0) g I usually myfriendsin theevenings. N V h BTdon't for reporting faults. N V i The----___-__-__---of mobilephonepackages isgoingdown. N V * theyhavebuttons. N V j Modern telephones don'thavea ---___--_-___-___

d lf yourcalldoesnotuseallthe

moneyyouputintothephone, whatwillyougetback? gotenoughmoney, lf youhaven't canyourfriendscallyouback? Whatnumbershouldtheyuse?

You want to phone a friend in London.What is the minimum cost of your call if you pay in the following ways? How long can you speak for? Complete the chart. iminimum cost




l"l"4hofcall You want to phone a friend in Edinburgh- more than 500 kilometresaway in Scotland.Would the call cost more than the call to your friend in Exercise3? You want to phone a friend in Florence,ltaly.What information does the notice give you about the minimum cost of your call? Tick / one of the boxes. a Theminimum costisf 1.20,f b Theminimum costis f0.a0.I givethisinformation. c Thenoticedoesn't I


Did you know ...? Theeuo (cunencysign€) is the offlcialcurencyof manyEuropean Unioncountries. Eurasandcents wereintroducedin 2002and replacedtheItalianlira,Spanish peseta,etc.Thecunencyof thetK is sterling(cunencyslgn[). youcan useeurosin someBritishphones andshops(especially in London andat airports), but thisis notcommon.

7 What advicewould you give to your friends about paying for their calls?

$$$'sss s$$"$.$'$ $$$$.$#$ssss$$ss* $$$"-$,, Can-dochecklisb Tickwhatvoucando. I canusea chartto makenotesandcompare things. I canchoosethe bestmobilephonepackage for my needs. I candecidehowto payfor callsfroma publicphonebox.


A #aE*sssss ffreffies 1 Cilka is a nanny.She looks after two young children. One of the childrenhas fallen on the pavement outsidethe houseand hurt his knee. Cilka has got a first aid manual. Skimthe page of the this the page she shouldread? Scanthe page. One word is used many times instead of the nouns cut or graze. What is this word?

Which word is used to refer to the little boy who has hurt his knee?

' ....:


Small cutsandgrazes soonstopbleeding withouttreatment. However, anybreakin theskin, evena smallone,canallowgermsto enterthebody.cermsaremicro-organisms, sucnas bacteria, thatarecarried byfliesor byunwashed hands; if theyareallowed to settleon anopen wound,theycancause infection. Youraims , > Stopwound from becomingintecte¿ ) Conrrolanybleeding You will need ) Disposable gloves ) Sterile gauzeswabsor antiseotic wipes ) Plasters or srerile wounddressing

> q3.n_d_g-s".


: ) Do not touchthe opengrazewith your : fingerswhileyou aretre¿lirgthe casualty. I : ) Oo not tfy to femoveanythingthat is embeddedin lhe wound. ) Do not usecottonwoolon or neaTan openwoundbecause flbresmaystick to the wound. iae¡tt

Heipthecasualty to sitdown. Puton disposable gloves, if available Raise theinfuredpart. Rinse thewoundundercold funningwaterto remove anydirt or gr¡t.

Í.j t Usinga freshswabor wipefor eachstroke, clean aroundthewound,workingfromtheedgeof the woundoutwards. 'eCarefully pickoff anylooseforeignmattelsuchas glass, metal, or gravel, fromor a¡ound thewound.



@ Social and Travel

f4i,. : *: Withoutdisturbing thewou¡d, gentlydrytheareaaround it witha gauzeswab. :í:l ;r* ..xF.f,

¡FFofa smallcut or graze,apply a plasterto rhe affectedare¿; makesureyou do not touch the sterilepart of the plaster. ll the cut or grazeis loo large for a plaster,coverit with a sterilewound dressingand securethe dressingwith a bandage. É Advrsethe casualtyto restthe injufedpart and.if possibie, to supportit in a raisedposition.

Don'tüuorry!|Jltilti$ What are the four basicsteps you should take to prevent a cut or graze from becoming infected?Complete the sentences. a Youshould--------n4t-?-------it. b Youshould it. -__"_. c Youshould it. --_"__ d Youshould rt. Cilka is looking in the first aid box. Scanthe page of the manualand write the namesfor these things.

Readthe instructionsunder the secondheading. Decide which is the most important part of each sentence.Tick / the correct option. a I Usinga freshswabor wipeforeachstroke,f 2 cleanaround thewound,! 3 working fromtheedgeof thewoundoutwards. tr pickoff anylooseforeignmatter,I b t Carefully 2 suchasglass, metal, or gravel, f 5 fromor around thewound. Readthe instructionsunder the third heading. Underlinethe most important part of the sentence. Readthe instructionsunder the fourth heading.Which is the most important part of the first two sentences?When should you do these things? Complete the chart.

a b


c d

Read all the instructionsunder the fourth headingagain.What elseshouldyou do? Make notes.

Learning tip

w¡"n,yno.*o *r,**roffi iu*fu


"m - this mostimporlantinformationin eachsentence tellsyol whatyouhaveto do Writeisoflenuse (,)to separate a wold or Sroul of words _commas 1 fromanotherword/ groupof wordsm the sentence. canusecommasto h:11youworkoutwhichis J.ou the mostÍmportantpartof the sentence Faeuscn... stap 1 Completethesesentencesfrom the text. a Smallcutsand grazessoon ctñn


b YouraimsStop infected. Underlinethe correctwordsin this sentence: In sentencea above,'stop'means finish/ prevenf and in sentenceb, 'stop' meansfinish/ prevent.

Matchthe beginnings and endingsof thesesentences, Thendecide if the verb meansfinlsh (F) or prevent (P). 1 stoppedme from laughing.----a It'snotfunnyb Healthworkers 2 stopwatchinpso much TV. aretryingto c WhenCilkagavethe boya 3 pleasestoplaughing. .-E-4 stopthe diseasefrom sweet,he d lf youwantto havemorefreetime, spreading.-----e Thegirlwasa goodswimmer andshe 5 -) +L v^ ^P^P^E, .u1 L^ -r ,y;i-l^1 6 . _ _ _ _ _ _ f Mydadlookedveryserious, andthat 6 stopped thechildfrom

drowning. -_-___


B Going t0 A&E 1 Cilka and her friend Marta were playing squash when Cilka felland cut her head. They have gone to A&E in a taxi. A nurse has looked at Cilka'sinjury and told her to wait. Cilka is reading this leaflet while she is waiting for treatment. Skim the leaflet and match topics a-d with the paragraphs. a b c d

whatmighthappen afteryourvisitto A&E! howstaffdecideif youareableto waitfortreatmentI conditions thatdon'tneedA&Etreatment I whypeoplemayhaveto waitf

tlsw do Accidentand Emefgencydepartmentswork?


a qualified Whenyou reachthe A&Edepartment,you will be assessedstraightawayby person(this could be a nurse or a doctor).Youmight be treated immediately,but will usually more often you will haveto wait for treatment' How quicklyyou are treated dependon: r Howseriousyourinjuryor conditionis is, and r HowbusYthe dePartment if left r Whetheryourconditionwill $et r,rv6¡5s you at the A&Edepartmentby ambulance' arrive if even The processis the same you Dependingon yourinjuries,you maybe treatedby a nurseo.ra doctor.often, is more will be allowedto go homeafteryourtreatment.lf yourinjuriesor condition further for hospital Serious,then you might be sent for an X-rayor admittedto yourown treatment.when you are allowedto go home,you will normallyhaveto make to get homefrom the hospital. arrangements

Waiting in A&E units

youmayhaveto wait,eventhoughyourinjuryseemsquiteseriousand sometimes, if the seriouscuts).Thiscanhappe.n youarein pain(e.g.nrokenbones,dislocations, is busytreatingpeoplewithevenmoreseriousinjuries,for exampleafter department a seriousroadtrafficaccidentor aflerdisasterssuchas traincrashesor terrorist but pleasebearin mindthat hospitalstaffdo all attacks.Waitingcanbe frustrating, theycanto treatpeopleas quicklyas posstble' to anotherpartof the care,thenyoumaybe referred lf youdo notneedimmediate to seeyourGPor to makean appointment youmaybe advised NHS.Forinstance, if yourinjuryis minoror if your Thisoftenhappens totdto callNHSDirectfor advice. morethan24 hoursbeforegoingto the department. accidenthappened



Don'tworry![llmfit9 Did you know ...? A&Estands for Accident and Emergency'. GPstandsfor'Generalpractitioner,(a doctor who seespeople in the iocal areaand treats illnesseswhich do not need a hospitalvisit). M1,9standsfor'National Health Service'.NHS Direct is a telephonehelplinethat you can call for advlce. ..,

Do you thinkCilkat injuryis veryserious?Readthe leailetagain andfind reasons for your answer.Writeone or two sentences. --!.--{.,¡k--l-l-.dp¡ll--ür¡nk--941s*l¡-niqy!.-1.t.-y.r¿y..?er-ptr-"rw?.?,*

Readthe first paragraphagain.What are the two most important points in this paragraph?Complete these sentences. a b

Skim the other paragraphs.Underlinethe most important points in each paragraph. Readthe text again.What are the main differencesin A&E treatment for someonewith a minor injury and someonewith a seriousinjury?Write four sentencesfor each.

Classbqrus Workin pairs. Another friendof (youchoose Cilka's thename) wantsto knowwhathappened. Thefriendwantsto knowhowthe accident happened, howCilkagot to hospital, long how shewaited andwhattreatment shehad.Make a listof questions. CIhetextwill giveyouideasfor someof your questions.) Thenworkwitha differentpartner. Oneof youisCilkaandthe otheristhefriend.Actoutthe conversation.

E brapra*ice Whatdo youthinkCilkashould dowhenshegetshome?Lookup heodinjuryon the NHSwebsite andfindout whatadvicelitgives.Whatadviee wouldyougiveCilka? Makenotes.

& mtnor u4,tuYu




After waiting four hours,Cilka'shead cut was treated. How would she then go home?

$',$s$ s$$$.s#$.#" $$$$$#s$$$$$,$s* 's,ss s* Can-dochec*lisb Tickwhatyoucando. I canidentilythe mostimportantpartsof sentences. I canfollowinstructions in a firstaidmanualandgivefirstaid. I canfindoutabouttteatmentat Accident (A&E). andEmergency


Ball boy scoresgoal

A WWPssg's fi&abcut? 1 You are going to read three short articles.Theseare their headlines.Useyour dictionary if necessaryand answerthe questions. a Whatdo you think hashappened in eacharticle? b Aretheseunusualstories?


Fatherbreaks leg'curing' daughter's

fear of heights

Look at the words below. Match five of the words with each articfe.Write numbers'1,2 or 3 in the boxes.Do not check your answersat this stage. bottomI bridgeI cystI eyen goalkeeper hurtI I jurp f knifeI nervous fl netI pitch operation I f


.^+^"^^ r s r c r E s l--l [_l


What do you think might happen in each article?Write a sentenceabout each one with some of the words from Exercise2.

@ Sociat and Travel

'lfglu'goldfish gets G0smGtic s¡figGfy Readthe three articleson the opposite page. Checkyour answersto Exercise2. Compareyour sentencesin Exercise3 with the three articles.Which of your guesses were correct? Five of the words in Exercise 2 are connectedwith football. Readthe article about football aqain.Underlineanv other words that are connectedwith football.

what's in the news?iüiliiiiÍ$


Ball boy scoresgoal A Braziüan referee faces suspensionafter she awarded a goal that was scoredby a ball boY' The 89th minute goal allowed Santacruzenseto snatch a 1-1 draw at home toAtletico Sorocabaon sunday inthePauüstaFootballFederation Cup, a regional toumament played in üe stateof Sao Paulo' Television pictures showed that after a Santacruzenseplayer shot , narrowly wide, the boy collected the ball with his feet and took it back on to the pitch. Howeveq instead of returning it to the goalkeeper,he subtly tapped it acrossthe line into the net' Although there were nearly ten secondsbetween the shot going out and rhe boy placing the ball over the line, referee Silvia Regina da Oliveira awarded a goal amid furious Sorocabaprotests'

verbs in headlines 1 Complete the headlines of the threearticles.

a Ballboy_...--._"._,....-_____. goal b Father __leg'curing' daughte/s fearof heíghts c 'Ugly'goldfish __cosmetic sursery Inwhichtensearetheverbsin the headlines above? Underline thecorrect tense. 2






c pastsrmple Nowreadthefirsttr¡'ro arlicles andfind another formof thesameverb.Which tensearetheverbs? Complete thechart forarticles 1 and2.

Fatherbreaks leg'curing' daughter's

and jumpednearlyZ0 feet into thewater.MeganStewartwasnor hurt,butherfatherbrokehisleft legwhenhehitthebottom. "He thoughthe couldbreak herfearof heights by doingthat. Instead,he brokehis leg',said man and his 10-yearold LantanaPolice CaptainAndy daughter wereonanevening Rundle. "l wouldn'tconsiderthis bikeridewhenhe suggested they an appropriate methodof trying jumpoff the Lantana Bridgeand to breakyourkidof a phobia. She intotheIntracoastal Waterway. couldhavegothurttoo.,' The nervouslittle girl agreec Theyhad to swimabout50 and at 7.40pm on Monday, feetto shore,andMeganran two Troy Stewart,31, grabbedhis blockshometo get her mother, daughter's hand,counted to three MandyPotter.

fear of heights

'Ugly'goldlish gets sufgGflf GosmGtic cosmetic hasundergone onshowat a museum A goldfish ugly' looked said it atthemuseum aftervisitors surgery of Museum Thefish,whichlivesina pondattheRoyal an to remove knife the under went in Edinburgh, Scotland itseye. cystfrom unsightly had growth somevisitors washarmless, the Although andit appearance the creature's about concern expressed alongwithoneof itseyes. asa precaution, wasremoved intothe thrown waspaidforusingcoins Theoperation athe museum. fishpond

Now readthe thirdarticle.Finda different verbwhichmeansthe sameas the verb in the headline. Whichtenseis the verb? Completethe chartfor article3. Lookat thesenewspaperheadlines. Write first the sentenceof eacharticle. a PoficerescueUKtouristfrom Outback twicein one week b Wifekillspet spidersin toilet c New childseatlawscome into force d ShoppersleaveOAPtrappedin a hole

7 Readthe articlesagain. Write six questionsfor eachafticle beginning with these words: who, what, when, where, why, how. Make sure that the answersto your questionsare in the articles.

Classbonus yourquestions Exchange withanother yourpaftner's student. Canyouanswer ouestions? Which of these stories do you think is the most unusual- or funny? 47

Ufmñülo What'sin tñe news?

B Strange,but truel 1 Think about your answersto these questions.Checkthat you know the meaning of the words in ítalics. a Haveyougota bonkoccoun{'! b Whereisthe nearest bronchof yourbank? c Howdo youpayforthingsyoubuy? d Howoftendo yougeta bonkstotemenfl e H¿veyoueverbeenin deáil 2 Look quickly at the text below. Where does it come from? 3 Look at the headline.Use the dictionaryentries on the right for help if necessary.Answer these questions. a Whatdoyouthinkhashappened? b Whvisthisunusual?

to officiaily banned banl ¡ben¡ueró[Tlban¡ingpas, saythat someonemust not do somethingA/ol af peoplethink baxing shauld bebanned.a ti Itor * doingsrht Ian's been bannedfrom drlutngfor 2lears.

v,Cat l'vtke,lrnzn fcl a priest in someChristian cnurcnes

l,euva'dmln/adiectiuvIf you are overdrawn overdrawn, you have taken more money otlt of your bank account tban you had in it. Web¿ gonet200overdrawn!

4 Look at the photograph. Who can

you see?Scanthe articleand@lldr the persont name. Scanthe article again. Underline the namesof any other people and places.

@ Social andTravel

Bank bansyicarts sonfor life for going llp oYerdrawn by Geoff Maynard Bank chiefs have banned a schoolboy for life because his account went 11 pence into the red. Vicar's son Jerome Jacob, 15.was told he could never have another account at HSBC, despiteoffering to repay the money. Jerome, who holds down two part-time jobs in between studying for his GCSEs, went ovordrawn when he bought a football magazine using his debit card. After receiving a monthly statement, Jerome and his father, the Reverend Neville Jacob, went into their local branch in Romsey. Hampshire, to clear the debt. But they were amazed when staff told them the account had been closed and they could not open a now one. Jeromesaid: "Their customer service was awful. When I openedthe account, they told me it would be impossible to go overdrawn when using my card." Mr Jacob, vicar of Copthorne, Hampshire, added: "We don't fault the bank for applying its rules. All we wanted was a bit of common sense.'o "My son was willing to repay the 1lp and apologise,but they just were not interested.It was a flat refusal. My son was quite upset." oolt's the first time he has gone overdrawn and I'm astonished at their attitude. To say he can never go back is ridiculous and the way he was treated was outrageous. If they treated adults this way, they would soon be out of business." A spokesmanfor HSBC said: "This does not appear to be in line with our commitment to our customers. Being overdrawn by llp would not trigger the decision to close the account and we will be investigating this incident." Jerome,who doesapaperround and works part-time in a tea room, has now applied for a Barclays account.

Whafs in rhe news?lltiniii€*

Did you know ...? Tabloids In the UK,therearetwo typesof newspapers with a lot of aretradilionallysmaltnewspapers picturesandshort,simplenewsstories(e.gDaly Express,The Sun,DailyMirrol TheTimes,TheDaily TheGuardian,TheIndependent,elc are Telegraph, andmorediff,cultto read' moresedousnewspapers usedto belargeandtheywere Thesenewspapers alemore Now all newspapers ca[edbroadsheets. or lessthe samesize.Theartlcleonthe oppositepageis fromthe DaityExprcss

In which order did Jerome do these things? bankstatement. a Hegothismonthly ! b Hewentto thebankw¡thhisdad.I c Heopeneda bankaccount at HSBC, f, d Hefoundouthewasoverdrawn. f e Hedecided to openan account withanother bank f f Heusedhisdebitcardto buya magazine. ! g Hesaidhewouldpaythemoneyhe owed.f What did bank staff do? Write a list of sentences.Number your sentencesin the correct order in which they happened. 1


baxk stalÍ

alnwei" Je¡ome üo ope.naA araunt

What does Jerome'sfather think about the situation?Which adjectivesdoes he use to expresshis opinion? Complete the sentences. Jerome's fatheris of the --at theattitude (ofthebank)to say bank.Hethinksit is__-_______-."_-..__.".. goback(andopenanother thatJerome cannot account), . andthewayhewastreatedis----------"-----"-.----

tearning tip Reading nleasur.e is the bestwayto improve f3i yourreading. It is alsoa wonderfulwayto meetnew wolds.Identifywordsthat areusefulto youandkeep a vocabulary notebookof thesewords.Giveeach pagea title,eg. sport,education, andwriteuseful wordsin a list.Foreachword,notethe meaning, the partof speech(noun,verb,etc.),anythingspecial aboutits grarnmar or style(fonnal,informal,etc.)and i writea s€ntence whichis reievantto you.

Underlinethe words in ítalicsin Exercise1 in the text. Underlineother words in the text which are connectedwith banking.Add the words to your vocabularynotebook. lf you do not have a vocabularynotebook start one now!



Readanarticle in an EnglishJanguage newspaper or look youhaveread on the lnternet.Perhaps findsomething aboutin yourownlanguage. Askyourself andanswer questions withwáo,what,when,where,why beginning andhow aboutthearticle.


$$#$$$g$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$'$$$r Can-dochecklisb Tickwhatyoucando. I canuseheadlines to predict thecontentof newspaper articles, I canunderst¿nd shorlnewspaper articles. I canidentify wordsthatareusefulto me.



A lt's from a friend I

gg* T¿: Giul¡aMartinuzzo From: Ryuichi Tashita SBbjPrt:

Sorry I missedyour call yesterday.Yeah,the new pizzeriasounds great. I'm not here all next week, but the followingFriday'sfine. Why not see if Raquel'sfree as well?TAFN


1 Readthe three emailsand match each one w¡th ¡ts main purpose. email1 email2 email3

makesarequest makesasuggestion givesawarning

Edit giew lnserl

Fgrmal loúlE Ue55¡ge HelF


¡ giul¡amart¡nuzzo@yahoo,com


I Sara Loefler

S.bFd: I Youranival

Whattimedoesyourtraingetto Brightonon Friday?Can'tmeetyou at the stationif it's in the morning'cos l'vegot an exam. {-#

Did you know ...? comis giuliamartinuzzo@Yahoo. WesaY Giuüa'semailaddress. this as:GiuliaMartinuzzo dotcom. atYahoo *ri

@ Soeial and Travel

Youknowthe photosyou tookin Brightonlast month? yousendthemto me?MycousinZuzanna's Coutd thinkingof goingthereto studyandI saidshecoutdhavea lookat them. is that 0K?TIA

I'll checkmy email Uln¡¡ijl f Readall the emailsagain. What do you find out about Giulia?Write six sentences.

Focuson... crnail English

TheEnglish usedin emailsis usually peopleoftenwrite informal because in thewaytheyspeak. Theyuseshoftformsof wordsandmissoutsome words.Theyalsouseabbreviations, suchasBIW (bytheway)andIMO(in my Theyalsouse'smileys', opinion). suchas :,¿,r(l'm happy). abbreviations page. anda 'smiley' in theemailson theopposite Whatdo youthinktheymean?Herearesomeclues: T : thonksor thot's A: oll or advonce Workoutabbreviations fortheseexpressions. a asfarasI know b foryourinformation c hopethathelps d in otherwords

Ryuichiis unavailable for a meal nextweek. Raquelcanjoin Ciuliafor a meal nextFriday. Ciuliadoesn'twantto havea pizza. Sarawill be ableto see CiuliaearlyFridaymorning. Ciulianeedsto arrivein time for Sara'sexamon Friday. Saracan collectCiuliafrom the stationon Fridayafternoon. Ewawantsto studyin Brighton. Zuzannawould liketo find out about Brighton. Ciulia'sthinkingof takingsome photographs of Ewa.

Read the emails on the right and choose the best answer for

eachquestion.@T'e>R, B or C. 1 Why hasStefanemailedCiulia? A to giveher some details B to let her knowthat he'sill C to remindherto do something



Uiew lnserl

Fqrmat lools


! GiuliaMart¡nuzzo


I SlefanAmundsen

yW-nme-va-llWtawzzp -.-. -----

5 Readthis reply to one of the emails.Which of her five friendsis Giuliaemailing? qql

Readthe emailson thgoppositepageagain.Thendecidewhich sentences are correct.Qt5pA, B or C. I A B C 2 A B C 3 A B C

H e r.Ím She Her She She She




I'm workingevery day this week,so won't leavebefore 6pm. Will get a taxi to your flat. Goodluck BTWI G i u l i aX

ó Chooseone of the other emails.lmagineyou are Giulia and write a reply.

Cbsshnus Exchange emailaddresses with anotherstudentin yourclassand becomee-pals. Tryandwriteto eachotherin Englísh everyweek

UesrÉgÉ Help

6-üFd : i F i l mc l u b

Feeling anybetter? Don'tforgetto register forthefilmclub.Emailmeif you wantanyinformation aboutit.BTWthefirstfilmis TheImportance of Being great! Ernesf. lMOit's

WhyhasRaquel emailed Ciulia? A to thankherforlunch B to offerhercongratulations C to givehersomeinformation

2 psg ro, GiuGFrom: Raquel sub¡ecr:Nice to see you

It was niceto seeyouyesterday. I forgotto askaboutyournewjob WelldonelYoumustbe pleased.Let'smeetfor lunchsoon.

A lt's from a friend I ü s.s. ..:,,.,,.. , To: GiuliaMartinuzzo F¡qm: Rvuichi Tashita Sub¡Ért: Pizza

Sorry I missed your call yesterday, Yeah, the new pizzeria sounds great. I'm not here all next week, but the following Friday's fine. Why not see if Raquel'sfree as well? TAFN

1 Readthe three emailsand match each one with its main purpose. emailI email2 email3

makesarequest makesasuggestion givesawarning

: q|: . Edil.;Uiiü Jn:elt lprlnat Iüols @¡e: I giuliamartinuzzo@yahoo,com fifiÍ..

g-bFct: Yourarival I

Whattimedoesyourtraingetto Brightonon Friday?Can'tmeetyou at the stationif it's in the morning'cos I'vegot an exam. &S

Did you know ...? giuliamartinuzzo@Yahoo. comis Wesay Giulia'semailaddress. this as:GiuliaMartlnuzzo dotcom. atYahoo



Youknowthe photosyou tookin Brightonlast month? Couldyousendthemto me?MycousinZuzanna's thinhngof goingthereto studyandI saidshecouldhavea lookat them. Is that 0K?TIA



@ SocialandTravel




I'Il checkmy email[_UnfiütI



the English usedin emailsis usually peopleoftenwrite informal because in thewaytheyspeak. Theyuseshoftformsof wordsandmissoutsome words.Theyalsouseabbreviations, suchasBfW @ytheway)andIMO(in my opinion). Theyalsouse'smileys', suchas iüi (l'mhuppy). /--qq9two abbreviations anda 'smiley' in theemailson theopposite page. Whatdo youthinktheymean? Herearesomeclues: f : thonksor thot's A: oll or advonce Workoutabbreviations fortheseexpressions. a b c d

as far as I know for your information hopethathelps in otherwords

She >ne She

5 Readthis reply to one of the emails.Which of her five friends is Giulia emailing? ?-9-?*,'_-,-,

Readthe emailson the3p¡rosite page again. Then decide which sentencesare correct.Q'nDA, B or C. I A Ryuichi is unavailable fora mealnextweek. B Raquel canjoinCiuliafor a mealnextFriday. C Ciuliadoesn't wantto havea pizza. 2 A Sarawillbeableto seeCiuliaearlyFriday morning. B Ciulianeedsto arrivein timefor Sara's examon Friday. C SaracancollectCiuliafromthestationon Fridav afternoon. 3 A Ewawantsto studyin Brighton. B Zuzanna wouldliketo findoutaboutBrighton. C Ciulia's thinking of takingsomephotographs of Ewa. Readthe emailson the right and choosethe best answer for each question.@ibn, for C. 1 WhyhasStefanemailedCiulia? A to gíveher some details B to let her knowthat he'sill C to remindherto do something

Readall the emailsagain. What do you find out about Giulia?Write six sentences. Her --{En4u-ng,lre-!e--!!WLazzs.------>ne ner__-_----.-_,___


E_dit Uiew lnsert

Fqrmat lools

._...__., -q

I'm workingevery day this week, so won't leave before 6pm. Will get a taxi to your flat. Goodluck BTWI G i u l i aX

ó Choose one of the other emails. lmagine you are Giulia and write a reply.

Cbss bonus Exchange emailaddresses with anotherstudentin yourclassand : becomee-pals. Tryandwriteto eachotherin English wery week

Eessage tlelp

Mro: lGiuliaMartinuzzo fiorfi

i StefanAmundsen


Feeling anybetter? Don'tforgetto register forthefilmclub.Emailmeif you wantanyinformation aboutit. BTWthefirstfilmis TheImportance of Being greatl Ernesf. IMOit's ,



WhyhasRaquel emailed Ciulia? A to thankherforlunch B to offerhercongratulations C to givehersomeinformation

2 gae ts: Giulia From: Raquel Subjeci: N¡ce to see you

It was niceto seeyouyesterday. I forgotto askaboutyournewjob. Welldone!Youmustbe pleased.Let'smeetfor lunchsoon.

I I'll checkmy email


B What's your addrws? 1 Look at the six emailsin Giulia's inbox. Complete the chart with the answersto these questions. a Whoaretheemails from? b Whichonesarereplies to emailsthat Ciuliasent? c Whatisthemainpurpose of each email? I


gixe hex ne*,t emaiL a.dd,xess

4 e6e

D e a ra l l Pleasenote that my new email addressis sallyl.iones@btinternet. com love Sally

Hello.I am awayuntil10 Octoberandam unable to readmy emailuntilI return. Ryuichi :..i¡::.¡:i


Edit !B




s ia6;:-.; !k!. :.;

: doesnotlikerecipient. Remote hostsaid:550RCPT T0: U s eur n k n o w n Giving up on64.97.139.1. - - - - - - -B- -e l o w t h li isn el s a c o p go ft h em e s s a g e . . - - - - - - - l'mworkingevergdaythisweek,sowon'tleavebefore 6pm.Willgeta tax¡toUourflat.GoodluckBTWI G i u l iXa


@ SocialandTravel



Hi Giulia, 6 of my friends have joined my network so far on PALSINC.Join me and my friends on pALSINC and meet more than 6 MILLION members from all aroundthe world!

'. :'¿",¡,jj¿Fl J4fgii#5ÉüÉbIüHF i *.

Hi.Thisis theqmail-send program at I'mafraidlwasn'tableto deliver gourmessage to the following addresses. Thisis a permanent erro4I'vegivenup.Sorrgit didn't workout.



4¿' #

DearGiulia Thisis just a testto seeif l'vegot yourrightaddress. Hopeyou'rewelll LoveYvonne



Learnmore Name: CurrentLocation: .


: . :-¡., :

H ome Locatio n : i: :t'i :rr:i :.r.i;3. r'-,;: r,: l,-J r'r',¡¡. i,ii.;;:¡: ¡

Gender: Age:

Th¡sinvitationwas sent to [email protected] on behalfof Marcos([email protected]). If you do not wish to receiveinvitatíonsfrom Marcos,click If you do not wish to receive¡nv¡tationsfrom any member,

I'll checkmy email [f l,rlñr¿tI Enter your own birthday into Stefant calendar. Do you ever receive any emailslike the ones on these pages? Who are they from? Hi,




I am creating a birthday calendar of all my friends and family. Can you please click on the l¡nk below to enter your birthday for me.

Therearelotsof siteson the Internetwhichcanreuniteyouwith oldfriends'-oneof theseis called 'WAYN'. WAYN standsfor llftrere areyounow7Readmoreabout thiswebsiteon lf youwantto,youcanjoin.

h t t p : / / w w w . b i r t h d a t e .c o m

Read each email and answerthese questions. a Whichemaildo youthinkCiuliashouldreplyto? b Whatshouldshe do when she receives the others?

Giuliawould like to receivea birthday card from Stefan. She has alreadyclicked on the link. What should she do next?

*; ¡'

+; N .

Enten Yeur Birthday into Stefar¡'s ealendar Stefan Amundsen wants to be reminded of your birthday each year by email, Members of BirthDate please click here now. Non-members please add your name and date of birth below: FirstName


Last Name


Date of B¡rth


'á [[;i,r,_ _"*- i"D.""'y. -_,,,__ +.-


---_... _,...-.,...t'




$ [! :

ss ss*$s$$.$"s s$$$ s$$$$s$-$ $s$$*s$* Can-docheckl¡sb

Tickwhatyoucando. I canworkoutthemainpurpose of an email. I canunderstand emailabbreviaüons and'smileysi I canidentifydifferenttypesof emailanddealwiththem.



A Are these statements true (T) or false (F)? pieceof information, 1 lf youarelookingfor a particular you'llneedto readeverywordof a textin orderto (unitr) findit. -----2 lf youwantto geta generalideaof whata text is about,youmustreadfromthebeginning and continue to theend.--.---(Unit2) everywordin a text 3 lt is not necessary to understand youarereading. ------(Unit3) 4 Asyou reada teK,try andworkoutthe meaningof anywordsyoudo notknow.------(Unit4) of 5 Thereis no pointin tryingto workoutthefunction - thiswouldnothelpyouat all.-----eachsentence (Units) canhelp 5 Thinking abouta topicin yourownlanguage youto understand a textaboutthetopic.------(Unít6) 7 Whenyoucomeacrossan unknownwordin a text, lookoutfor wordswhichmighthavethesameor a similarmeaning. ---..-(Unit7) 8 Whenyouwantto compare two or morethingsthat in a text,usinga chartis a goodwayto arementioned takenotes.-----.(Unit8) wordsin lists. 9 Writersonlyusecommasto separate ---.--(Units) 'lO Youcanlearna lot of usefulwordsthroughreading. (UnitlO) -----I I Someemailsyoureceivedo nothavea real purpose. ------(UnitI I )

D Leok at this list of real-life reading situations. text type in each situai'ron.Then @tt. decide whether you would skim or scanthe text in each situation. Tick / lhe correct box. at a noticeabout 14 Youarein London.'You arelooking hoursoutside a bank.Youwantto know opening if banksin Britain areopenthesamehoursin your country. scan[ skim[ Youwantto l5 Youarelooking at a theatreprogramme. knowwhatison in thelastweekof themonth. scanf skim! Youwantto know review. l6 Youarereading a restaurant is. wherethe restaurant ¡'r scanL_J sKlml-J '17 Youarelooking at a leafletabouta touristattraction. Youaretryingto decidewhetherto gothereor not. scanfl skimI Youare l8 Youarelooking at a pagein a newspaper. you. tryingto findan articlethatinterests scanfl skimf l9 Youhavejustreceived an emailfromyourfriendLuis. hisexam. Youwantto findoutif he passed skiml scanl

E The way we read a text depends on our purpose in reading. Two people can read the same text in a different way. Think about the text types in ExerciseD again. Complete the B Now read the Learníngtípsfor Units 1-11 on sentences with scan or skírn and the text types. pages 87-89. Do you wantto change any of 20 Youwould your answers in ExerciseA? if thewriterlikedtherestaurant. zl Youwould C The first time we read a text, we usually morning. if thebankis openon Saturday either skim or scanit. Can you remember the to findout 22 Youwould -----difference between skirnming and scanning? whatkindof showsareon thismonth. Complete these definitions. 23 Youwould - - to findout go it in. how much costs to 12 lf you what --a text,youknowexactly to findout 24 Youwould -----youarelookingfor andyou searchthroughthetext just you people. for for lots if it is of or pieceof information. quickly untilyoufindthatspecific to findout 25 Youwould i3 lf vou a text.vouwantto peta seneral if yourfootballteamwonyesterday. ideaandyou lookat thetextquicklywithoutfocusing on anydetails.


Social and ltavel

unitsr-tr frEffieVTi Skim these texts. What is each text, or where does it come from? Choosefrom the following. a cinemaprogramme a hospitalnotice a phonebox notice a guidebook a theatreprogramme

an email a hostelleaflet a postofficeleaflet a newspaperarticle

26 TextA 27 TefrB Read Text A again. Which five sentences describe Slava'sSnowshow?Write the letters in the boxes. 28-32

tr[nnr a b c d e f g h i j

Thedirectoris fromNewYork. Slava's Snowshow hasbeenon tour. Scarlett Johansson lovestheshow. Slava's Snowshow isa musical. Thereis morethanoneperformer in Slava's Snowshow lt isfreezing coldin thetheatreduringa performance. Children enjoySlava's Snowshow Youcanbuya bookaboutSlava's Snowshow. Tickets fortheshowareon salenow. Theshowis on duringthesecond weekin March.

Decide if these sentencesabout Text B are true (T)or false (F). 33 Youcanalways havelunchat a taverna. -.---34 Tavernas do notalways havea menuto choose from.---.-. 35 Thebakeddishesareusually cakesor desserts. ______ 36 Themaincourseusually arrives afterthestarter. -__--37 Vegetable disheslikestuffedpeppers arequite l-río

Thebestplace to eatanddrinkinGreece isthe taverna. These late in stayopen theevening and sometavernas areopenat lunchtime too,You -andwhen won'talways finda menuina taverna thereis one,it ¡snever verylong.Usually, there (starters willbefiveor sixmezédes or snacks) and youaretaken threeoffourmaincourses. Often intothekitchen to inspect what's onofferthatday: meat usually lamb- andfish,pans uncooked of stewandvegetables, traysof bakedsavoury dishes. andmaincourses Starters areusually served together inGreece. lf youpreferto havethehruo courses separately, thenorderyourmaincourse whenyourstarter arrives. Maincourses of meator - youwill fishdonotinclude andvegetables salads needto ordertheseassidedishes. Youmaynot wantto eatmeator fishasmanyof thevegetable aredelicious. Youcouldquiteeasily dishes have peppers tomatoes, or aubergines stuffed withrice asa ma¡n course.

RCVfrCWl units1-11 I Skim these texts. What is each text, or where does it come from? Choose from the following. a cinemaprogramme a hospitalnotice a phone box notice a guidebook a theatreprogramme


o""ommodation pricesat YHA Manchester

an email a hostelleaflet a post officeleaflet a newspaper afticle

38 TextC 59 TextD 40 TextE TextD

Womentrapped in car T\vo elderly women are recovering f¡om heat stroke and heat exhaustion after locking themselves in a hot car in Daytona Beach, Florida. Police say that their battery apparently died, the automatic locks failed, and they didn't know they could unlock the doors manually.


Who are you? To make sure that you receivethe safest possiblecare whilst beingtreated, it is importantthat we identifyyou correctlyat all times. Therefore,beforeyou haveanytest, treatmentor procedure,beforeyou see a doctoror nursein outpatients,and beforeyou are givenany medication, we will ask you to identiff yourself.

The women were trapped for nearly two hours before a passerbyspotted their pleas for help, which they wrote on the back of a tissue box.

We will ask you to state: O yourfull nameor hospitalnumber(if you haveone) O yourdate of birth Sometimeswe mayask for otherdetails,suchas youraddress. lf you look after a child,or if someoneyou carefor cannotgive us this information,we may ask you to ¡dent¡fythem on their behalf.

Rescueworkers smasheda window to get the ladies out.

Althoughit can be annoyingto be askedthe same questionmanytimes, pleasehelp us to helpyou by makingsurethese importantcheckstake place.

Answer these questions about Text C. Write one or two words only. 4l 42 43 44 45

Howmanybedsaretherein a shared room?--_._______ CanI havea roomof mv own? Aretwinroomscheaper perperson thanshared rooms? ls breakfast includedin the price? Howmuchcheaper is it if I ama memberof theYHA? -__-_______-

ReadText D again. In which order did these things happen? Write the letters in the boxes. There is one extra sentence which

is not part of the story.

461 o





Someone sawa message thewomenhadwritten.

b Thewomenwererescued fromthe car. c Thewomenbrokethe carwindow. d Thewomendidn'tknowhowto getoutof thecar. c


Thecarbatterystoppedworking. Therescue services werecalled. I

Sociatand Travel

L ReadText E again. Underline the correct word or phrase in these sentences. 51 Youconreceive/ canf receive treatment beforestaffknowwho youare. 52 Youmoy nothove/ musthove a hospital number. 53 Youdon'thoveto give/ must giveyourdateof birth. 54 Youmighthoveto identify/ wonf hoveto identi{yyoursell morethanonce. 55 Youmayhoveto soy/ willhove to sly youraddress.

units r-m ffigffie!fif f M Where would you see these notices?Match the notices with the places.Write the letters in the boxes. s6 bank[ 5/ opflcran s LJ 58 theatre I 59 aírport f, 60 bookshopI 6t A&EI bz posrDoxLl 63 restaurant ! 64 cablecarf b5 DUSsiop Ll

Look at the notices again. Tick / the correct explanation. 66 A I Thedriversellstickets. I 2 Youcant buya ticketfromthe driver.I 67 B 1 Youmightgethurt.I 2 Thewindowshouldbe closedat 68 C I Wesellbooksforstudents. I 2 Wewillsellyouroldbooks. f, 69 D 1 Youcan'tpostyourlettersandpostcards after 7.OOpm. I , 2 Youcanpostyourletters andpostcards for abroadhere,I 70 E I Thereis onlyonecashier working here.f] 2 Youmayhaveto waitto be seen.I 71 F I Youmustcarryyourbagswithyouat alltimes.I z Yourluggage shouldbe checked in.I 7 2 C 1 Theshowhasoneinteryal only.f z lf youarelate, youwillmissthefirstpartof the showI H ] Noteverything willbe halfprice.I 2 Alldesigner brands willbe halfprice. f 74 l t Onlypeoplefromthiscountry getfreetreatment fl peoplehaveto payfortheirtreatment. z Some I J I Youcanchoose an expensive dishandstillonly pay15.Ll 2 Youcaneata lotif youwantto.! 1

R,¡:t¡ie.,ii,y $ Units 1-11 O You are in Denmark,and you have picked up the brochure CopenhagenThisWeek,Answer these questions. 76 Skimthetext.Whatisthe mainaimof thearticle? Choose fromtheseoplons. a to explain whythegardens havebeenclosedI b to givetourists a general introduction I c to describe thegardens andflowers I 77 Whichof thesetopicsdoesthearticleNOTmention? Circle thecorreclletter. a theopening hours b thehistory of thegardens c othertouristattractions in Denmark prices d admission e thenumberof peoplewhogothere

TivotiGardens Reopen TivoliGardens- probably Europe's mostsophisticated park- opensonApril12for itssummer amusement season, the eventof the monthlFounded in 1843 TivoliGardens hasbeenintheamusement business for 163yearsanddrawsaroundfourmillionvisitors a year makingit Denmark's numberone tourist attraction- and one of Europe'smost popular amusementparks after EuroDisneyParis and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Sporting 25 amusements including no fewerthan four big dippersand a new carousel, Tivoliis an elegantfunfairin the very heartof Copenhagen, with good music in abundance throughoutthe season, some40topclasseateries andrestaurants, flowersandromance in the air. Tivoli Gardens Main entrance on Vesterbrogade3 (map: 4/C4) Summer Season April 12 - September24 Opening hours S u n d a y- T h u r s d a y1 1 a m- 1 1 p m Friday 11am- 0:30am Saturday11am- midnight Admission prices Adults DKK 75, children (aged3-13 yrs) DKK 35 $eason passes DKK 195{adults},DKK 110(children) Multi-r¡de tickets DKK 200 (adults).DKK 150 (children)

@ Social and Travel

World's taltest carousel Brandnew at Tivolithis seasonis the AustrianbuiltStarFlyer- the tallestcarousel in the world, standing metres 80 high.Thisridehasa capacity of 960passengers an houranda maximumrotary speedof 70 kph.StarFlyer, withitsgalactic design 'l6th and centuryDanish astronomerTycho Brahe's universe as its theme,is locatedin Tivoli'sMerry Cornerbetweenthe Concert Hallandthe Spinning Topamusement. Amusements account for morethan50 percentof Tivoli'sturnover, helpingfund the delightsof the gardenssuchas the flowers,the music,andthe fireworkdisplays.

Unitsr-rl ffigrwfrewi Find other words in the text which have similar meaningsto these words. 78 sophisticated park 79 amusement 80 amusement O Find words in the text for two types of amusement. 81 82

Find the namesof two of the amusementsat Tivoli Gardens. 83 84 What is reallyspecialabout the brand new amusement?Write one letter in the box. sc l-l a lt is 80 metreshigh. b lt cancarry960 passengers eachhour. perhour. c lt turnsat a speedof 70 kilometres d lt hasa galactic design. V J U

You have bought your admissionticket and you have gone into Tivoli Gardens.Make a list of five things you can do. Do you have to pay extra to do these things?

Here is another part of the brochure Copenhagen This Week Are these sentences about Tivoli Concert Hall true (T) or false (F)? 91 lt isthebiggest concert hallín Denmark. f 92 lt wasnotopenlastsummer.I 93 lt hasa newcaféandbar.I 94 lt is a venuefor popandrockconcerts. I 95 lt is notopenattheweekend. f

TivotieoncértSeason takesoff TivoliConcertHall - home of the biggestmusic festivalin the Nordicregionandone of Denmark's - is backin full operationthis mainconcert.venues season afterbeingclosed6lllastsummerto undergo majorrefurbishment involving the construction of a foyerwith caféandtwo-storeybar newcircular:'glass with stunning viewsoverthegardens. TivoliConcertHall'sextensive summerprogramme performances involves 105arrangements. including20 bytheTivoli Symphony Orchestra andtheappearance of someof the world'sgreatestsoloistsin the world of classical music.Kickingoff the seasonat 730pm '12 on April is the BelceaOuartetwith a Haydn,Britten andMozartchamberconcert. TivoliTicketCenterTel33 15 1012 Vesterbrogade3 Open:Mon-Fri9am-.5pm

V lt is SaturdayApril 8th and you have just arrived in Copenhagenfor a week's holiday. You look at the brochureand find that theret a concert you can go to. Answer these questions.Write notes. 96 Whatdateistheconcert? 97 Whattimeistheconcert? 98 Whois givingtheperformance? 99

Whatmusicarethey playing?

100 Whenistheboxofficenextopen?

reñd Therearesomedifferences betweenBritishand American ln whichwaysaretheredifferences? English. Trck/ oneor moreof the boxes. a srammar|-l b pronunciation f] c spelling fl* d vocabulary [ Canyouthin'koianyexamples? Howgoodareyouat spelling? Tick/ oneof the boxes in eachcolumn.



nrrte onnd f-l

nr rite onnd l-l

verygood f

verygood f,

Howdo youcheckyourspelling? Ttck/ oneor moreof theboxes. I lookin a dictionary. I

iiilt;;ffiJJ;.'-'perins. fl

I usean electronic spellchecker. f, I usethespellchecker on thecomputer. I I lookat my ownvocabulary wordlists.f I thinkaboutwhereI haveseenthewordandlookfor it there.f,

A British and American English Look at these words. Do you think they are BritishEnglish(BE)or American English(AE) spellings? a defence_FI__ b non-member __--_c traveller ______ c colour--_-__ e litre___._.

3 Scanthe text aga¡n.Are these words used in British English(BE)or AmericanEnglish(AE) - or both? Tick / the boxes. BE AE both a b c n c

The text on the opposite page is from a book cafled lmprove your spelling.Scanthe text and checkyour answersto Exercise1. Then write the other spelling of each word. a def-ew-e---b non Irav______-_--., d col_____-___.-lit--._-"...__. c

license I practise n chilli n woollen tl




fulfilled n


behaviour I


glamour f

n n n f

tr n f



n n

T f T


4 Were these questionswritten by British(B) or American(A) people? Tick / the boxes. BA


a b c d

Whatflavorice-cream do youprefer? you Are a non-smoker? Haveyougota drivinglicence? Whendidyoulastgoto thetheater?


ur nn

ls the text about generalspelling rules or individualwords? 60

@ Wor* and Study

Is that speltcorreÉly?Umml2

British and American English Wehayereallyeterythingin commonwith America nowadays, excEt,of course,language. oscar wilde Therearemanydifferences betweenBritishandAmerican Englishspelling,both in generalspellingrulesand in individual words.The main differencesareoutlined in this chapter. oe,se Somewordsthat end in cein British Englisharespeltsein AmericanEnglish: BritishEnglishdefence, ffince, pretence AmericanEnglishdefense, pretense offense, BritishEnglishlicence(noun),license (verb);practice(noun), pracüse(verb) AmericanEnglishlicense(noun andverb);pracrlce (noun andverb) Hyphens AmericanEnglishusesfewerhlphens than British English. To takejust oneexample,in AmericanEnglishwordsformed with non. (= 'not') aregenerallywritten assinglewords (nonmember, nonsmoker) wltereasin British English,they are normally hyphenatéd{tton member, nan-smoker).

Look at the pictures.Match the BritishEnglish words with the pictures. axe cheque doughnut Srey kerb moustachepyjamas tyre

.-------¡s!.------.-e b c d

t b


Singteand double I WhereBritishEnglishdoublesa final I beforea word-ending suchas-edor -ing,in AmericanEnglishthe final I is not doubled. BritishEnglishequalled, travelling,trweller,counsellor AmericanEnglishequaled,ffaveling,traveler,counselor jewellery,marvellous, NotealsoBritishEnglishchilli,jeweller, jewelry, woollenbutAmericanEnglishchili or chilli,jeweler, maryelous, woolen. On the otherhand,in somewordswhereBritishEnglishhas a singlel,AmericanEnglishhas/l: BritishEnglishappal,distil,enrol,enthral,fulfiI, instilor in still, skilful,wilful AmericanEnglishappall,distitl,enroll,enthrall,futfll, instill, skillful,willfulor lesscommonlywilful -our. -or Mostwordsthat endin -o¿¿r in BritishEnglishendin -or in AmericanEnglish: BritishEnglishbehaviour, colour,favour,flat our,harbour, honour,efc. AmericanEnglishbehayior, color,favor,Jlator,harbor, honor,etc, In AmericanEnglishglamouris the preferredspelling,but glamorís ¿lsocorrect. re, er Mostwordsthatendin rein BritishEnglishendi¡ erin AmericanEnglish: BritishEnglishcentre, meffe,sombre, fibre,litre,meagre, spectre,theatre,etc. ArnericanEnglisltcenter, meter,somber, fber, Iiter,meager, specter;theater,úq

Write the American Englishspellingsof the words in Exerciseó. Checkin a dictionaryif

necessary. a --.--.-------.q4$D L

c e f o o L

#w@ f



Is ühatspelt correetly?


B I'll add it to my dictionary

fu,$*$TEB{HS SEsKL¡"Eruü TSNRECTÉruT Youmightnoticeredwavylinesundersomeof yourtext' Theselinesflag checkerisactivated. the automaticSpelling possible spellingerrorsbecause go you backandeditflagged can Onceyouarefinishedtypingyourdocument, isdisplayed' menu the flaggedword.A shortcut text.Todo this,right-click ignoreme You can givingyousomecorrectlyspelledwordsto choosefrom. if youlike.Youcanalsochooseto addthe flaggedwordsto a suggestions terms, that youbuild,whichcanincludespecialized dictionary customized

1 Skim the extract CORRECTING SPELLING MISTAKES. What kind of book is this text from?

Look at the sentence below. Read CORRECTING SPELLING MISTAKES again and find out what this shortcut is showing.

acronyms,andnamesthatarenotinc|ude$inthestandardWolddictionary' spellingerrorin asa possible lf youadd a word,it will no longerbe underlined laterdocumen[s.


ii Df.uminr ". ;-r¡l*'i ¿i .

iF i l¡- i1¡¡11qñr¡r, ¡a--¡:¡r-5-*E

F*;l nitre

I I I niohtI

l "mite Ll

My parentsand I wenttherelast




Readthe extract below. How would you add the correct spelling of nite to your customizeddictionary?Underlinethe part of the text which tells you what to do.

UsrNc AUTocoRRECT The AutoCorrect feature allows you to set up the automatic correction of words that you often misspell or mistype. Many common errors are alreadyset up in AutoCorrect, but you can easilyadd you own. You can also use it to capitalizewords, such as daysof the week, and to insert symbolssuch as@by entering (c). l{g_ciÍ9E:iF"qli:FsKt


I r " As an example,we'll use the common misspelling: decieve for deceive. " Click on Tools on the Menu bar and then on AutoCorrect, ' The AutoCorrect dialog box opens.Click on the AutoCorrect tab to bring it to the front. In the Replace:text box ente¡ the inco¡rect

g Cerc l1¡ft rlif¡l CApltdi g C¡tb$rc ñÉr btrF d tcnre! g C$t¡éli* nffir qf d¡yr

$ ncpha t*xt u 9o* rypr

spelling: decieve.In the With: text box, enter the correct spelling: B.drR;

deceive.Then click on Add.

type decieve,it will be replaced automatically with the correct spelling '.


F¡lc Edtr v¡rw rrr€n rorm¡r ron¡@.-¡4lt_ryI!gL'Ugk -1-*r ! * L-,l1rtp ,;, * :. ga I d : -: 1 5u | L U u t .

I a2 b3 cl 2 c (because Australra is not in the EU)'Coods'means objectsratherthan money. a: printedpapers, b: smallpacket(if you aresendingit in a smallpacket- if you aresendingit in an envelope, you don't needto writeanythingon it) Yourown answers.Possíble answers'. a Beforeyou postthe book,you needto find out how much it weighs- it mustn'tweighmorethan 5 kilos. b Beforeyou postthe money,you needto find out about eitherthe Airsureor lnternational SignedForservice.

BloodBrothersis abouttwo brothers. BloodBrothershaswon four awardsfor BestMuslcalin Londonand sevenTonynominations on Broadway(,A/ew York). BloodBrothershasbeenon tour to NewYork. Spiritof the Dancehaslotsof dancers. Spiritof the Dancehasthreetenors(srngers). 5 Yourown onswer.Possibleanswer'. I think Mervewill buy ticketsfor TapDogsbecauseher sisterlikesdancingandthisshowis on for a fullweekin (Theotherdanceshow- Spiritof the Dance- is February. onlyon for one day in February.)


Answer keY onswer" 6 Yourownúnswer.Possible the so I wouldn'tchoose much, very I don'tlikedancing My Brothers' Blood choose probably l'd danceshows. andhetoldmethatthe brotherstudiedin Liverpool, funnY' peopletherearevery Fosuson vocabulary b award c cast d stage f audience

7 Yourown onswer.Possibleonswer: Yes,I wouldwantto becomea memberof a cinema'I soI wouldsavea lotof mone lovegoingto thecinema,


ovation e standing

3 onswers" Possíble t Yourown onswers.

I'veheardof thefilm.I thinkmy parentssawit whenthey t knowit'saboutsomeboyswhowantto werein London. goto OxfordUniversitY. onswer'. Yourownonswer.Possible Also,l'm goingto a quite interesting. sounds film The so l'd quitelike summer, in the Oxford in school language it, to see ticket: 85.50 Cilka's Kristen'sticket:f4.OO a € 11 , 5 0 b fro.50

A tb 2 'lhe4 go tn

üe boxo|frrn.


c,an pog cz.;.h or bg c.teüb cañ'.

Theyneeda credit Yes(thereis a card(andtheyhave €1.50booking fee- for nonto takeit to the cinemawhentheY members collecltheirtickets). only) Theyneeda credit Yes(there card(andtheyhave i sa € 1 . 5 0 fee booking to takeit to the cinemawhenthey - for noncollecttheirtickets). memDers only) 6a

(3 freeticketsPerPerson') on alltickets.Daytimetickets D F (Youget€ L50 discount cost andweekends for evenings tickets cost€4.00,but f s.) feesto Pay') c T (with no booking Café') at theSanctuary discount d T ('100/o person worth€ 19.50. per e T (Yougetthreefreetickets you to savea need E25, so costs membership Single ticket, each on get discount further€5.50.You € l.5O This €5.50. save to thenvouneedto seefourmore to start films of seven meansyou needto seea total money.) saving

a LoüztrY

a sharpitem a gel


c (lt is notclearif youcantakeyourlaptopthrough fromthe webPage.) Security

dx b things c notallowed d luggage e throwthemawaY Yes.(Youcancarrya laptopin yoursingleitem.of cabin A laptopmustbe removedfromthe bagand baggage. placedon a trayto gothroughSecurity.) in the departure a Yes.(Youcantakeall itemspurchased you aretravelling unless cabin loungeintotheaircraft anydrinks you finish must to the USA,in whichcase the Plane.) beforeboarding in the departure b Yes.(Youcantakeall itemspurchased you cabinunless aretravelling loungeintotheaircraft (e'g.toothpaste, to the USA,in whichcasenotoiletries soapetc.)areallowedin thecabin.) d No.(lt isveryclearfromthe webpageon Page22 that youcannottakea lighteron a plane')

Anewer key b allowedS/ prohibited R c including A d applyS o

nr rrrh¡
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