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Final term Mock test Total de puntos8/19 Objective: To assess the use of conditional sentences.

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CURSO 2º Medio B

Part 1 | Reading Comprehension 5 de 5 puntos Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Mark the letter to the correct Explanation A, B or C. Look at the example


1. What does it say? 1/1

A. You must show a receipt if you want to remove luggage. B. When you remove your luggage you are given a receipt. C. You can leave your luggage here without change.

2. For the festival, Anna should bring 1/1

A. Her Ticket. B. A blanket. C. The program.

3. What does it say? 1/1

A. Don't turn the lights on until it's necessary. B. Switch the lights on when you're in the room. C. Don't leave the lights on if the room is empty.

3. What does it say? 1/1

A. Sally has given a chain to someone as a present. B. Sally's boyfriend knows about the missing chain. C. Sally lost her chain when she got changed for sport.

5. This shop 1/1

A. Has just opened and jobs are available. B. Is opening for longer and needs extra staff. C. Will oponen late because of job interviews.

Unit 2 | Gerunds vs. Infinitives. 0 de 0 puntos

Don't you remember the use of gerund? Let me help to refresh your mind! Don't you remember the use of gerund? Let me help to refresh your mind! Any problems at full infinitives? Here you have the class. Read the following sentences and choose Gerund or full infinitive. 0 de 8 puntos

1. Susana demanded _______ to the hotel manager. 0/1 A. To speak. B. Speaking.

Respuesta correcta A. To speak.

2. Today I really miss _____ to go to the beach.

0/1 A. To miss. B. Miss.

Respuesta correcta A. To miss.

3. Marcelo admitted _______ the money. 0/1 A.To steal. B. Stealing. Respuesta correcta B. Stealing.

4. My mom waited for hours ______ that wonderful dress. 0/1 A.To buy. B. Buying.

Respuesta correcta A.To buy.

5. Look at those clouds, it seems _____ raining today. 0/1 A.To be B. Being.

Respuesta correcta A.To be

6. As a family we considered _______ to Spain some years ago. 0/1 A. To move.

B. Moving. Respuesta correcta B. Moving.

What the main difference between bare and full infinitives? Provide examples. …/2

UNIT 3 | Present Perfect. 3 de 6 puntos If you need help with this content, you can download the PPT attached.

1. The past participle form od the verb "Grow" is: 0/1 A: Grew B. Grown. C.Growed. D. Gowing. E. Grown. Respuesta correcta B. Grown.

2. Which of the following expressions is NOT used in the present perfect tense? 1/1 A. For. B. Just. D. Already. E. Last month.

3. According to the context, which would be the appropriate time expression? A: Would you like something to eat? B: Oh, no, thank you. I've ______ eaten. 1/1 A. Yet. B. For. C. Just.

D. Still. E. Since.

4. What is wrong with this sentence? "He's yet told me he thinks I'm going to be one of the best mechanics one day. Of course, I need to get a lot of more experience before that happens. 1/1 A. The verb "happens" must be changed by "happened" B. The verb "going" must be changed by "have gone" C. The expression "yet" must be changed by "already" D. The verb "think" must be changed by "thought" E. The verb "need" must be changed by "needed"

5. Which of the following sentences is incorrect? 0/1 A. I haven't seen that movie. B. Have you ever been abroad? C. Have you already finished that book? D. My brother has listened that one 6 times! E. Marcela has been my friend for this 4 years. Respuesta correcta C. Have you already finished that book?

6. A word with similar meaning for the expression "just" would be: …/1 A. Recently. B. Lately. C.Never. D. Just. E. Yet. No hay respuestas correctas

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23 de noviembre ingles

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