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GUIDE SOLUTION #2 ENGLISH IV – P1 NAME: RENÉ FERNANDO MÁRQUEZ MARTÍNEZ 1. REINFORCEMENT: Use the following links to reinforce and practice the content already studied: 

Some/any/ lots of/ a lot of/little/much/many

There is/there are reinforcement:

Choose any exercise from the list to work on:

2. PRACTICING: Now it´s time to put into practice what you have learnt. Choose a friend and a member of your family, describe their personalities, check the examples on page 116, Worldlink 1, description of Penny and Pearl. Then ask a member of your family to describe your personality. Translate your description and write it in a word file with the other two descriptions too. Save the file. 

My friend Andrea:

She is funny, she's all the time making people laught. Andrea is organized, she does like keep everything clean and organized. She is trustworthy, you can tell her everything. She is also a little pessimistic. 

My brother Marco:

Marco is very studious, he is studying most of the time and has good grades. He is friendly, he has many friends. Juan is impatient, he doesn't like wait for a long time. Also he is stingy, because he doesn't like share with nobody. 

My personality:

René is affectionate, he shows his feelings with the people he loves. He is intelligent, he likes to research everything. René is a little shy and quiet. He is trustworthy, you can tell her everything. René is sympathetic, he can understand your situations.

3. LISTENING: Worldlink 1 page 117 exercise 2. Listen to the audio and complete exercise A, B, C, D. Write the answer in the same word file of the practice section. A. Use visual cues. Look at the photos. What are the people doing?  

Photo 1: There is a man working in a company office. Photo 2: There are two women studying in the living room of a house.

D. Answer the questions with a partner. 1. Guess: What words describe a Type B person? Make a list of your ideas.            

Agreeable Adaptable Carefree Cheerful Comfortable Friendly Fun Generous Gentle Happy Great Helpful

2. Are you more Type A or Type B? Why? I am more type A, because I am patient, I do not get angry easily, I am competitive but in a good way. Although sometimes I get stressed, I try to relax most of the time.

3. "Being Type A can be bad for your health." Do you agree? To some extent, yes. Because being under pressure and stress all day can cause more tiredness, hormonal changes, a lot of negativity, lack of physical condition and, in extreme cases, it can cause depression.

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