Luciana Cendra - Matilda by Roald Dahl exam

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Matilda by Roald Dahl: Reading Comprehension Activities a) Roald Dahl: Answer the following questions. 1) Where did Roald Dahl start his career as a writer? 2) Was Matilda his first children’s book? If your answer is NO, what was it? 3) How many children did he have? 4) What happened to him when he was in the Second World War? 5) Are his books based on bedtime stories he made up for his own children? b) Complete this blurb using the words in the box. nasty– kind –genius–head– parents –generous– little –smart- Headmistress

The exceptional Matilda is about a ______________, easily infuriated ____________ girl who is misunderstood by her ______________ and hated by the school’s ______________. On the other hand her ________________ and _______________ teacher, Miss Honey, thinks she is a brilliant academic ________________. Matilda has a number of excellent schemes in her ____________ to teach her _____________ parents and headmistress a lesson. c) Match the questions with the answers. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Why does Miss Honey try to stay calm when Matilda multiplies twelve sevens? Why does Miss she go to see Matilda’s parents? Why does Miss Trunchbull make Bruce eat a cake? Why doesn’t Mr Wormwood want to see Miss Honey? Why does Lavender put a newt in Miss Trunchbull’s glass of water?     

Because she wants to be as brave as Matilda. Because she doesn’t want to show that she is surprised. Because she thinks he ate her cake. Because he is watching TV. Because she wants to make them understand that Matilda is special.

d) Vocabulary: Match the words with the definitions. 1) Something that sticks two things together. 2) Synonym of intelligent. 3) A document that states who should receive your possessions when you die. 4) To have a disagreement. 5) Quickly and unexpectedly. suddenly– glue –argue–will– clever

e) Answer these questions with a number. 1) How many children in the group can spell the word cat? 2) How old is Miss Honey? 3) How old is Matilda when she goes to school for the first time? 4) How many miles are on the clock of Miss Trunchbull’s car? 5) How many children does Crunchem Hall School have? 6) Matilda can speak perfectly when she is……?
Luciana Cendra - Matilda by Roald Dahl exam

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