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TURMAS 6ºA 6ºB 6ºC 6ºD 6ºE 6ºF 7ºA 7ºB 7ºC 7ºD 7ºE 7ºF 7ºG 7ºH 8º 8ºB 8ºC 8ºD 8ºE 8ºF 9ºA 9ºB 9ºC 9ºD 9ºE 9ºF 9ºG 9ºH 1ºA 1ºB 1ºC 1ºD 1ºE 1ºF 2ºA 2ºB 2ºC 2ºD 2ºE 2ºF 2ºG 3ºA 3ºB 3ºC 3ºD 3ºE 3ºF

PROFESSORES COORDENADORES DE SALA - 2020 EMAIL PROFESSORES FABIANA (ING.) [email protected] CAMILA (GEO) [email protected] GISLEINE (LP) [email protected] ELIANE (HIST) [email protected] JOSÉ ROBERTO (CIE) [email protected] ANTÔNIO (TEC) [email protected] SUZE (CIE) [email protected]; RICARDO (GEO) [email protected] TATIANA (E.F) [email protected] NICE (HIST) [email protected] MARCOS (ART) [email protected] DANILO (LP) [email protected] HELIO (ART) [email protected] BENTO (CIE) [email protected] DULCE (LP) [email protected] FÁBIO (CIE) [email protected] LAIRSE (GEO) [email protected] VIVIANE (CIE) [email protected] PAMELA (MAT) [email protected] ARETHA (EF) [email protected] ANTONIA (ING) [email protected] CARLOS (LP) [email protected] MARILZA (ART) [email protected] CAROLINE (LP) [email protected] ROSE (LP) [email protected] MÁRCIA (HIS) [email protected] ARI (MAT) [email protected] HARIANY (HIST) [email protected] ELAINE (LP) [email protected] FÁBIO (EF) [email protected] PAULA (SOC.) [email protected] VIVIAN (TECN) [email protected] MÁRCIO (MAT) [email protected] J.C (BIOL) [email protected] JOANA (HIST) [email protected] SANDRA (LP) [email protected] GEORGE (QUIM) [email protected] FERNANDA (ING) [email protected] JORGE (GEO) [email protected] ALEX (ART) [email protected] TAMIRES (SOC) [email protected] ARIANE (FIS) [email protected] JOÃO (HIST) [email protected] CIDA (LP) [email protected] SIMONE (MAT) [email protected] NARIMA (BIOL) [email protected] [email protected] MONTEIRO (MAT)

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