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W'o%tW.D dJ

Name: KÔlllY\~


XôCV\VAO, ..

Teacher: Project: ~


11 11l~ 1;lÃ) \.q

Class Time: Reading:

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Part D. Video Comprehension

You are going to watch an interview with Pascal Finette, VP at Singularity University. Before you watch the video, read Finette's short bio.

Pascal Finette Vice President at Singularity University Labs Pascal heads up the Startup Program at Singularity University where he grows startups that tackle the world's most intractable problems through exponential technologies. He loves technology and believes that the Internet is deeply impacting mankind. He frequently speaks and writes about the magic which happens at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and global impact. Pascal loves to work with entrepreneurs who are making things better and who go from zero to one.

Taken from:

Part 1


1. Watch the video and number its parts from 1-4. One ofthe options will not be used. C>-~

)1 )()


the current scenario, how can you make the problem a little bit better?

(>d What

would you do if you had ten times the budget you had planned?



) Who would you hire to help you solve your problem?

4. In your words, explain how you think these questions can help entrepreneurs

to think bigger.

t.t 5 t




5. Finette emphasizes the importance of planning but adds that a two-year's plan is just a north star to guide your decisions. Explain his point of view and then say whether you agree with his statement. Justify your answer.





Na me:

Ku ti f'n,1



dt t9 ~

t~ tlli lÃ.

rUoi nó

Teacher: ~Ó~Ml..


Class Time:






Part C. Reading Comprehension

The Progression



(25 points)

of Personal Development

Do you remember that person in your life who believed in you when you didn't believe in yourself? I am referring to the person who encouraged

you when you wanted to give up, the person who would not

stop believing in you no matter how convincing you were. It might have been a teacher, athletic coach, friend, uncie, aunt, sibling, minister, spouse, mother, or father who showed you how not to give up ...on yourself. That person probably with ammunition

even built a case on your behalf to prove the point and..•was

that you may have been embarrassed

or even disbelieved



him or her.

Everyone who has ever achieved anything in life has had at least one person whose support was unrelenting.

In the highly mobile world in which we live, it is difficult to surround yourself with people

who have that unconditional communicate


to your success. In large companies,

it is often unsafe to

your aspirations, rejections, concerns, worries, fears, or even goals. Very often people

are eager to use the information for their own professional however, will be one of your greatest There is a prcqressíon



and personal gain. Your coach,

and will commit to your success no matter what.

for each person who embarks on the self-development

levei 1,2, 3, or 4, but the progression

path. Vou may join at

is the same. There are five levels that you will encounter

journey to growing your self. The first leve!...isthe condition called "disconnection

in your

with the s.Jill."At this

levei, you don't know what you want; and even if you have a faint idea of what you want, you don't believe that you could be it, do it, or have it. àt tbe ~E?conQ lexel, you encounter •

the condition called


"desire and d~eat." At this levei, you know what you want, but there is more self-doubt than confidence. The thjrd levei js called "Iimits 10 deservjn.g." At this levei, you have grown in your belief in self, but it still has limits, h.olding back unlimited posslblttties. L

. cal

tion and abundance."


this leveI, you have broken through any limitations, and you are primed to go for everything you want. Levei 5 is calied "union and manifestation." At this levei, you have fulfilied your heart's desire and have


achieved what you set out to do. This progression

emerges in every coaching relationship, since it is

about the evolution of the self. The coach's primary goal is to assist in your personal evolution. The coach needs to be able to assess where you are and what will support you in getting to where you want togo. Source:


Cherie; STEWARD, Lynn U. Transformational

Yourself and Others; Deerfield

Beach, Florida: Health Communications

Life Coaching.· Creating Inc.; pages


L/mitless Opportunities





1. Read this sentence extracted from the text and do the tasks that follow. That (1) person probably even built a case on your behalf to prove the point and was 50 filled with ammunition that (2) vou may have been embarrassed ar even disbelieved him ar her. a) Write 1 next to the sentence

~_2S next to the


in which that has the same grammatical function as in (1).Then write 2

in which that has the same grammatical function as in (2).

) That was not a good moment to talk to James. ~) ~

I was


tired that I couldn't watch the end ofthe game.

) This is the book that has changed my life.

C/fl ) I remember (

how nervous I was that day.

) Rita said that she would be late for dinner tonight.

b) Find two metaphors and explain their use in the context.





3. In the last paragraph, the author describes the levels of Personal Development. description,

classify the sentences as the levels they are likely to be uttered in each stage of personal

development. (1

Based on that

) Levell

ALL sentences


must be classified.

with the Self

( 2 ) Levei 2: Desire and Defeat ( 3 ) Levei 3: Limits to Deserving ( 4 ) Levei 4: Connection

and Abundance

( 5 ) Levei 5: Union and Manifestation

)« ~ )I am fulfilled. tY( i )I don't know ?«3 )I figured

what I want so I don't have it.

out what I want. lt's too much for me to achieve, though.

C/f4 ) I know

what I want and I will go for it!

X (~ ) I know

what I want and l'rn able to get some.

M S ) I have

what I want!

C/f~ ) I know

the path I want to take, and walking halfway is enough for me.

5 )larn )-cl


LV,) ".


Table of Correction Your presentation

is worth 25 points and it will be corrected

according to the following

Natural Speech Flow


Intonation and Stress Use of Fillers, Pauses, and Connectors

5 points ~2.5points -.--/2.5

Accuracy / Gramrnar and Vocabulary Appropriate Grammar Use Appropriate Vocabulary Use

" ~5points -.--/5 points


~rro.-P r





10 points


Relevance Relation to the Context Strategies Used to Describe, Narrate, Explain, Define, and to Argue /~



10 points -.--/5 points

t '

~5points '"


1 ~~V\A~

kvt ~'YU





·0 "




Wise Up - English Name: Kariny Wagner de Oliveira Correia

•. Final Exam

. Wise Up - Final Exam



When we talk about change, the first thing that comes to my mind is the transformation process, because it is the moment we compare the past with the present so that we can plan the future. To change it's necessary to understand that we have to lose to grow. Change is aIl in our acts, every process of change generate a consequence, be it positive or negative. The main idea of change is to always do the best.

George Bemard Shaw said: "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

To form a new opinion, to make a new choice different from the one you had before is a change. To change is, to have new possibilities every day to do the right thing; it's like having a second chance . •

2.- DESCRIPITION OF IT'S IMPORTANCE Learn about change ~

very relevant because we have to balance what is really

important in our lives, Iest at some point we wiIl have to lose something that we are not ~


prepared for. For us, change is inevitable in life; it's a part of life. Sometimes when we

are tired of doing something all we have to do is change. But sometimes, when we are really happy and have to change, we fear the change like disappointment.

We have to

accept that change is necessary in life.


We know the world change every day. ~people

are constant1y changing, and also

the society. Good leaders understand this, so they always look for better ways to solve all the problems. Mostly, change in business is a big risk, but it's very necessary. In business we have strategic changes, tactical changes, leadership changes, process changestetc. All these changes are !-oin... gímpacts and effects. Change in business has the objective 9f aims to improve. "If you want to truly understand something, try to change it." Kurt Lewin

2.2 - CHANGES IN PERSONAL CONTEXTS Changes wiIl happen regardless of our desire, but the most important is how we ,

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