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You Got Daddy Issues (I do too) by Sharleena Summary

"Here's how it goes. Yoongi has Jimin against a wall, his cock buried deep inside him in one of the toilets of the hotel where the gala is hosted and his hands gripping at Jimin's ass. “How are you even real, uh?” Yoongi muses, words slurred “What do I have to do to keep you, mh?” “Well, you- oh God, right there- you could pay my college tuition?”" Or, Yoongi is whipped for his stupidly pretty and awfully spoiled sugar baby.


Hey there demons. It's me, Ya Girl. EDIT: apparently ao3 decided to post this story TWICE because fuck logic, this is the right one.

When your muse tells you to write some porn with plot starring sugar daddy Yoongi you just humour said muse. BTW, you can find a visual thread I made for this story here! As usual, a huge thank you to my beta Kari, all errors are mine, always keep in mind english isn't my first language. Hope you enjoy! This work has been transtlated in Russian HERE

See the end of the work for more notes

You know you've hit rock bottom when Jung Hoseok, master of ignoring situations at hand, brings you coffee on his own accord. Yoongi stares, almost in disbelief, at the styrofoam cup that Hoseok puts on his desk. He looks up at Hoseok with a raised eyebrow. “What?” he asks frowning, already moving to Namjoon who, at some point, must have fallen asleep on the couch. “Nothing.” Yoongi grabs the cup and takes the lid off, he gives it a sniff “Smells of coffee...” “Well, yeah. 'Cause you know-” Hoseok licks his lips “It's coffee.” “That's what's scaring me.” Hoseok rolls his eyes and turns to Namjoon, he takes a deep breath and then screams “THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE!” Namjoon startles and his eyes fly open, he tries to scrumble on his feet but instead falls off the couch on his ass. Yoongi sighs. This is gonna be a long night. “Where's the fire?!” “Nowhere, here, take your coffee.” Hoseok holds out the cup in front of Namjoon's face, the man staring at him with wide yes. “Why the fuck did you scream there was a fire then?!” Hoseok shrugs “Thought it could be fun. Come on, drink your poison.” Namjoon pulls back from his forehead his purple hair (because Namjoon is that guy who actually has the guts to dye his hair purple) and grabs the cup angrily “You gave me seven heart attacks. Seven, Hoseok.” “Yeah, and that takes talent. So you're welcome.” Hoseok walks to the empty chair next to Yoongi's and sits down “So, it's friday night. You young lads are up to mischief?” Yoongi takes a sip of his coffee, steaming hot, and tries his best not to grimace because he most definitely burned his tongue “If by mischief you mean trying to make a song then yeah, we're truly living the vida loca.”

Hoseok nods, impressed “Look at this multilingual master right here. Made my panties all wet.” Namjoon clicks his fingers “That's why we never invite you to the studio.” Hoseok chuckles, clearly satisfied with himself, he crosses his arms together and nods at the loop station in front of Yoongi “So, how's the song coming?” “Shitty.” Yoongi mutters. “It's not shitty.” Namjoon retorts “Because the song is done, hyung. Done.” “It ain't done until I say so.” Namjoon walks to Hoseok and sighs “We've been working on this song for three weeks. It's done. Like, seriously, nothing is missing. He's just being a stuck up prick about it.” “The song is missing something.” Yoongi says, he takes a deep breath and leans back in his chair “Something's missing, I just don't know what.” “You don't know 'cause nothing is missing.” “Let me hear it.” Hoseok smiles at him “Come on, let's hear this masterpiece that misses something.” Yoongi really doesn't wanna hear the song again. Still, he presses the play button on the station and the recording studio is immediately filled with his song. Listening to it is frustrating. The thing is, when Yoongi started working on the track with Namjoon he was pretty fucking happy with it. He felt inspired, more inspired than he's been in a very long time, lyrics coming to him almost without him thinking about them, a melody building itself with barely little help from Namjoon. Then, at some point, the inspiration disappeared and all he got was a good song that could've been great. That's what ticks him off. He knows that if only he could find whatever missing piece it's missing, this could be one of his best songs. And yet“Here.” Yoongi says as they reach the part that has been messing with his brain “This is where something is missing.” Hoseok frowns “Sounds good to me.” “Well, not to me.” As a producer, listening to a song that isn't the way he wants it is probably the worst thing possible. He knows what the industry says about him, that he's a perfectionist, that all of his songs sound just the way they should, that if you dared to change something about them they would sound awful. The reason he's made it, the reason he's good and respected in the music industry is because of that, because Yoongi's tracks are his and his only. Because they sound like him. This one, this track doesn't sound like him, and Yoongi knows it's because of that single part, that simple transition of barely ten seconds. The song ends and Yoongi clicks his tongue “I fucking hate it.” Namjoon groans, pinching the bridge of his nose “I wanna go home. What time is it?” Hoseok raises the sleeve of his sweater and looks at the watch on his wrist “Almost midnight.” “That's it, I'm going home.” Namjoon turns on his heels and grabs his jacket “And hyung, you're going home too.”

Yoongi waves a hand at him “Nah, I'll stay a bit more.” “Hyung, please.” this time Namjoon's voice is just tired “Go home. I don't want Jin-hyung to kick my ass because you stayed in the studio all night. Again.” “I'll go home in a few, okay?” Yoongi forces a smile “I promise.”

Two hours later and he's still there, alone, his coffee cold and his song still shitty. Well, maybe shitty is a harsh word. He knows that the song sounds good even like this, but it doesnt' sound the way he wants it to. Now, if only he could understand what kind of sound he actually wants that would be great. Yoongi takes off the headphones on his head and throws them on the desk. He looks at the clock and wets his lips. It's late, but it's friday night, so maybeYoongi takes his phone out of the pocket of his jeans and quickly goes through his texts until he finds the conversation he was looking for and quickly types a message.

You free tonight?

He puts the phone on the desk and crosses his arms, staring at the black screen, waiting for a response. God, he hopes he's getting one. After a few seconds the screen lights up and the phone buzzes, Yoongi quickly gets a hold of it again and checks the message.

You free tonight?


Give me an hour (ノ・ェ・)ノ

Yoongi frowns “What the hell is that emoji?” he mutters, then stands up from the chair and puts the phone in his pocket. Turns out he's going home for the night.

Once he's at his flat, Yoongi throws the jacket on the floor and starts stripping. He's been wearing those jeans all day and fuck if they're tight, he needs to wear something more comfortable. He sends a quick look at the clock on the wall of the living room and sees he still has some minutes before Jimin arrives. He goes to his room, takes a black shirt and some sweats and takes off his underwear, deciding to not put any clean ones on because hell, this is his house, he's gonna go commando in his house. Besides, it's not like he's gonna wear them for much longer anyways. He puts on the t-shirt and sweatpants and goes back to the living room, falling heavily on the leather couch and sighing deeply. Fuck, he's tired. Yoongi lets his head fall back on the seatback and his eyes close after a while, thoughts and worries still buzzing in his head, making it impossible for him to actually relax. He hears keys unlocking the door, then the sound of steps, the door closes and he hears Jimin throwing his copy of the keys in the bowl where Yoongi keeps his own. It's a matter of seconds before the steps get closer and closer, a soft padding because Jimin always takes his shoes off as soon as he's inside, then he's in the room. Yoongi keeps his eyes closed and hears Jimin sighing, then the couch dips down and there's a weight on his lap that is far too familiar to him, Yoongi's hands immediately find their way to rest on the side of Jimin's thighs. “You look tired.” Yoongi hums “I am.” Jimin's fingers are then in his hair, carding through the black locks “Daddy is stressed?” Yoongi slaps lightly Jimin's thigh and the boy chuckles “Don't call me that, I hate it.” “You get this cute scowl on your face when I do, it's funny.” Jimin has a nice voice. Always light, always playful, Yoongi likes it. “You smell of cheap weed.” Yoongi notices. “I was at a party.” “Ruined your night?” “God no, you saved it, it was so boring.” Jimin leans down and brushes his nose with Yoongi's “Are you gonna look at me or-”

Yoongi opens his eyes and a breath he didn't know he was holding slips past his lips. Jimin is all soft features on his face and mischief in his eyes, plump lips already curling up in a lazy smirk. He's got smudged kohl under his eyes, pink hair styled back and skin glowing with what must be make up. “Hi.” he says, slowly shifting his hips. “Hi.” Yoongi smiles at him “You sure I didn't interrupt anything interesting?” “Wouldn't be here if you did.” Jimin replies, hands moving from his hair to his neck “You're tense.” “Bad day at work.” Jimin hums “Maybe I can make it better, mh?” “Oh, I'm sure you can.” Yoongi feels his lips curling up in a smirk as the subtle movements of Jimin's hips become harder and more obvious. Jimin looks at him in the eyes for a moment before he leans down and kisses him, slowly and softly. Yoongi lets his eyes flutter close and sighs into the kiss, Jimin's lips warm and so fucking soft, his hands move from Jimin's thighs to his waist and he pulls them down, making the drag against his groin heavier. Jimin gasps and Yoongi takes advantage of that, pushing his tongue inside Jimin's mouth and the little sound the boy makes is enough to let the tension fall from his shoulders. He tastes of weed and beer but Yoongi likes it anyway, dragging his tongue on the roof of Jimin's mouth, then licking on his bottom lip. It's always like this with Jimin, it's slow just for a few minutes before Yoongi realizes that it's not enough, that he wants more. And Jimin is so happy to comply, opening his mouth for him, letting him dig his fingers in his hips hard to leave little red crescents in the skin. There's a small moan leaving Jimin's lips and ending on his tongue, he feels Jimin getting harder through his jeans. He's so fucking sensitive Yoongi could get drunk on it. Jimin bites Yoongi's lip between his teeth before he breaks the kiss and gets off his lap. Yoongi bites off an undignifying whine that soon turns into a groan when Jimin drops on his knees and tugs at the waistband of his sweatpants. “Wanna suck you off.” Jimin says and Yoongi raises his hips a little so that Jimin can pull down his sweats “Why don't you ever wear undwerwear?” “They take away too much time.” Jimin rolls his eyes, the fucking brat, but immediately puts himself between Yoongi's legs and circles his fist around Yoongi's half hard cock, stroking him slowly, the drag of the rings on Jimin's short fingers making Yoongi hiss. The rings he bought him, serves him right for being so fucking weak to Jimin's tantrums. Although, his hands look especially pretty when adorned with silver rings and“Oh, fuck.” Yoongi hisses as soon as Jimin licks a long stripe from the base of his hard dick up to the tip. Jimin has his hands on Yoongi's thighs, keeping them still, he wraps his lips around the head of Yoongi's erection and flicks his tongue in the slit. “Yeah, that's good.” Yoongi swallows, a little breathless, a lot aroused now, he pushes back from

Jimin's forehead a lock of stray pink hair “Come on, do your thing Petal.” Jimin's eyes flutter shut and then he sinks down. Yoongi moans, watching the way Jimin slides down easily, a pretty flush to his cheeks, tongue flat against the underside of his cock. Shit, Jimin is always such a pretty thing to watch on his knees, lips red and shiny, small hands clutching at the fabric of his sweats, little breathy noises filling the air. “You're so good, Petal.” Yoongi manages to say, Jimin opens his eyes and looks at him as he sinks down further, then slowly sliding up and sucking “Such a good boy.” Jimin moans at that, flushing, he starts bobbing his head up and down faster, cheeks hollow and mouth wet and warm. Jimin loves the praise, Yoongi knows it, fucking keens at compliments, basks in the attention Yoongi reserves for him. It's both cute and fucking deadly, because Jimin is a goddamn vixen. Jimin pulls off suddenly, eyes wide and glossy, he bites his bottom lip, Yoongi arches an eyebrow. “What?” “Just-” Jimin rubs his palm on the bulge of his pants, sighing a little at the friction “I really wanna ride you.” “Come here.” Jimin stands up and goes back to straddle Yoongi “I think you meant: Get on daddy's lap.” “I really fucking didn't, I'm gonna actually slap you.” Yoongi mutters, already undoing the button of Jimin's jeans and unzipping them. “But you know I like it, so who's the real winner?” Jimin raises his hips to help Yoongi in getting the pants off of him, then Yoongi's brain kind of stops working for a second at the sight. Jimin is wearing one of the panties he bought him, all pink and frilly, the head of his dick peaking out the waistband. “Fuck.” Yoongi traces the outline of Jimin's erection with his index finger “Did you go to that party like this?” “No.” Jimin grins at him “Went back home and put them on. There's another surprise.” Yoongi frowns so Jimin grabs his hand and guides it to his ass. Between his cheeks, Yoongi can feel the end of what must be one of Jimin's buttplugs, probably his favorite, the one with the pretty diamond at the end. “You really thought about everything.” Yoongi says as Jimin struggles to pull his leg out of his jeans. “For real, I prepped myself so fucking fast I thought I was gonna twist my elbow or something.” “I could've prepped you.” Yoongi taps on the end of the buttplug “I like prepping you.” Jimin glares at him “No, you like teasing me. You take too much fucking time and I've been horny all day. Seriously, when I got your message I almost cried out of sheer happiness, fuck these goddamn pants I- there!” Jimin finally manages to free one of his legs “There, ready.”

“You still have one leg to go.” “Don't care, fuck me.” Yoongi rolls his eyes and pulls down the jeans as much as he can, leaving them pooling down Jimin's left ankle “You're impatient as hell today.” “Told you, I'm horny.” Jimin pecks him on the lips “Now, can you please fuck me?” Yoongi snorts at Jimin's eagerness but pulls him in for a kiss, the younger boy almost melting in his arms, little breathy noises coming from the back of his throat, small hands clutching at Yoongi's shirt. Yoongi slides his hand past Jimin's panties and grabs the plug, tugging at it slowly until Jimin starts shaking and he breaks the kiss, looking at him with a pout. “Just take it out.” he breathes out, Yoongi pushes the plug back inside and Jimin gasps. “What if I wanna take my time with it?” Yoongi starts pulling out the plug again and with his free hand he circles around Jimin's rim with his fingers, feeling it stretching around the larger part of the toy, lube slowly dripping out. Jimin likes it wet and messy, sloppy even, and Yoongi quickly learned to comply. But if there's one thing that Yoongi likes and will have, is Jimin getting riled up. Jimin is so sensitive Yoongi had a hard time believing he was real at the beginning of... well, whatever it is they have, so it's easy to have him giving up quickly, making him moan into his ear to just fill him up, to fuck him hard and fast, to just give him something, anything. Yoongi keeps moving the plug in and out, Jimin shaking above him with his eyes closed, a pretty flush already making it's way down to his chest, small noises leaving his parted lips. “Hyung-” Jimin whines, opening his eyes and looking at him “Come on, just-” “Just?” “This is stupid! You're the one who called me 'cause you were stressed!” Jimin weakly punches him on the chest, Yoongi has to bite off a smile “Like, I make myself pretty for you, get on my knees for you and you fucking tease me, this is insane!” “Is it?” “This is homophobic and stupid.” Yoongi snorts, shaking his head, he catches Jimin smiling as well before the boy latches his lips on the juncture between Yoongi's neck and shoulder, sucking softly at the skin, not enough to leave marks. “Hyung.” Jimin murmurs against his skin, lips dragging up his neck to his ear “Please? Want you to fuck me.” Yoongi feels his resolve crumbling down so fucking fast that it's pathetic. Curse Jimin and his stupid whines and pleads, that kid is absolutely dangerous. Still, Yoongi finally pulls out the plug, Jimin choking on his breath when it's out and his hole clenches around nothing, lube immediately dripping down his thighs, Yoongi collects some on his fingers and he strokes himself, lubing his cock.

“Come on then, Petal.” he says, Jimin already lining himself with Yoongi. Jimin slowly sinks down, Yoongi hisses when he feels his cock sliding inside Jimin's hole, so wet and tight it punches the air out of his lungs for a moment. When he bottoms out, Jimin stays still for a few moments, catching his breath with his hands fisting Yoongi's shirt. “You okay, yeah?” Yoongi asks, thumb caressing Jimin's cheek. “'m fine.” Jimin replies, voice shaky and soft “Just a moment.” “Of course.” Yoongi swallows tightly but he doesn't move, letting Jimin get used to the stretch, he lets his eyes wander on Jimin's body. Jimin is smooth everywhere, although it looks like he's freshly waked, skin looking a little reddened in some areas. Jimin likes being pretty, Yoongi realized a long time ago that it would be really fucking hard for him to not find Jimin pretty. Hell, it would be impossible, really, yet Jimin tries so so hard. It's horribly cute, but Yoongi is wary of saying it. Suddenly, Jimin raises his hips and then slides down again, he rotates his hips and moans softly, Yoongi's hands find their way to Jimin's waist. “Since when are you so quiet?” “Since you got a noise complaint.” Jimin replies, grinning at him. “Fuck noise complaints, I wanna hear you.” “Demanding but kinda hot.” Jimin starts moving again, this time faster, finding a pace that has Yoongi groaning and digging his fingers in Jimin's skin, helping him move. “Feels good, hyung.” Jimin moans, he leans down and kisses Yoongi, hungry and sloppy, teeth clanging and tugging at his bottom lip. Yoongi snaps his hips up and Jimin cries out but immediately stops moving after that “No, don't move.” “Why? What's wrong?” Yoongi asks, concerned he hurt him. “Nothing, just-” Jimin looks down, averting his eyes, because of course he picks this time to act shy “I'll take care of you tonight. I'll do everything.” Yoongi takes a steading breath because this brat, this goddamn precious kid seriously knows how to make him lose his mind. Honestly, it's unnerving how easy it is for Jimin to wreck him with a few words. “Okay then.” Yoongi moves his hands past Jimin's shirt, just to feel more of his skin “Be a good boy for me.” Jimin's lashes flutter at that and he starts moving again, slamming down hard, Yoongi lets out a moan as Jimin fucks himself on his cock, taking it so well, still managing to look absolutely beautiful, a sheer layer of sweat covering his skin. Jimin wraps his arms around Yoongi's neck and leans in, lapping at his neck in a way that makes Yoongi's head swim in dizzyness. “I'm gonna make you come so good, hyung.” Jimin whispers, voice breaking at the end when he must have hit a good spot “Gonna take care of you, I'll be- oh God- so good for you.”

Yoongi mutes his moan on Jimin's skin, sucking on his neck and biting, making damn sure that in the morning there will be purple there 'cause God does Jimin look good painted in purple and red. “Tell me I'm good.” “You're so good.” Yoongi wraps his arms around Jimin's waist, pushing him down on his dick “Such a good boy, Petal, you're so good.” Jimin whimpers, his hips faltering at the praise, he moves faster, setting a pace almost brutal and finally letting out his voice, moans high and long. Yoongi fucking loves it when he's so loud, adores the moments when Jimin feels like this, so pliant and willing of taking care of the both of them, chasing pleasure as it comes in waves. Maybe it's because of how stressed and on edge he was (or maybe it's just because he's so damn weak to Jimin), but Yoongi feels himself already getting close, heat pooling in his abdomen, Jimin clenching around him. “Hyung-” Jimin whines, his pace getting almost frantic “Yoongi-hyung.” “You wanna come?” “Yeah-” Jimin looks at him, eyes dark and glossy “Can I?” “Come, Petal.” Jimin slams down one last time before he's coming all over his stomach, his dick twitching in his panties, moaning and shaking against Yoongi, fucking himself through his orgasm until he finally stops moving, going limp in the elder's arms. Yoongi leaves a trail of kisses along Jimin's neck, rubbing circles on his back. “Hyung, inside.” Jimin says, grinding down a little “Come inside me.” “Fuck, Jimin.” Yoong groans as he thrusts up inside Jimin's ass, the boy crying out but tightening around him, dragging his nails between Yoongi's shoulders “You're so good to me, yeah?” “Yeah, I'm good.” Jimin manages to open his eyes and stares at Yoongi “I've been good, so fill me up.” Those words bring Yoongi over the edge, spilling inside Jimin with a groan, the boy shuddering and kissing his neck as Yoongi comes, keeping him close 'till Yoongi manages to get his breath steady again. They keep still for a while, Yoongi too busy trying not to get lost in the afterglow, panting against Jimin's neck. He still smells of weed, but now his scent is there too, so fucking impossible to not notice. Jimin starts squirming against him and Yoongi sighs. “What?” “I ruined them.” Jimin mutters, he sounds pouty. Yep, he's pouting. “What did you ruin?” “My panties.” Yoongi looks down at his lap and- yeah, those are ruined. “I'll buy you new ones tomorrow.”

“I'll buy you new ones tomorrow.” “Yeah?” Jimin seems to perk up a little at that “Will you take me to Victoria's Secret?” Yoongi snorts “Stop being so fucking expensive.” “If I wanted to be expensive I'd ask you to buy me lingerie from Bordelle.” Yoongi arches an eyebrow and looks at Jimin “You want something from there?” Jimin blinks a few time, still a little gone, then he seems to catch up “Wait, for real?” Yoongi shrugs “If that's what you want, sure. Just tell me what you want, I'll buy it.” “I might ask for their entire autumn collection.” “Then I'll just have to buy you a bigger closet.” Jimin giggles and Yoongi finds himself smiling along, still stroking Jimin's back in what he hopes is a soothing motion. “I need a shower.” Jimin slowly pulls himself off Yoongi, wincing a little, then he stands up. “You wanna stay over for the night?” “Well, it's friday. I might as well stay for tonight, I would've been here tomorrow morning either way.” “Good, then go take a shower.” Jimin nods then leans down to peck him on the lips “It's good to see you again. You've been a stranger lately.” “I'm busy, petal.” “I know.” Jimin shrugs “I kinda missed you.” Yoongi clenches his jaw, forces a smile, tries to stop the words from writing themselves in his head. He looks as Jimin walks away and goes up the stairs to the second floor, where his room and bathroom are. Yoongi stays on the couch for a few more minutes before he finally finds the strength to get up and go to his other bathroom since he's feeling just a tad dirty.

Weekends are for him and Jimin. Those were the very first rules and, truly, the only actual rules they have. Jimin comes saturday morning and leaves sunday evening, it's always been like this. He has clothes Yoongi got for him in a room and spare make up Jimin brought from his tiny flat in a room that is just for Jimin's use. Yoongi always liked spoiling him, Jimin always liked being spoiled. But right now, Jimin is lying on Yoongi's bed, all curled up on himself, hair still damp from the

shower, looking sleepy and soft in a way that makes Yoongi's heart clench. “Why were you so stressed?” Jimin asks as Yoongi lights up a cigarette. “Work.” Yoongi goes to sit on the bed with his legs crossed and pats on his thigh, Jimin quickly moves so that he can rest his head there, he sighs when Yoongi starts combing his hair with his fingers. “What about work?” “A song just doesn't wanna come out the way I want it to.” Jimin hums, playing with the hems of the sleeves of the huge black sweater that he got from Yoongi's closet. Yoongi sighs. “Why do you wear my shit when you have a full closet with clothes for you?” Yoongi picks at the collar of the sweater, hanging low on Jimin's collarbones “Clothes that actually fit you.” “I like your clothes, they're big and comfy.” Jimin grins at him “Besides, you like it.” Yoongi snorts “Nonsense.” “You do.” “Whatever.” Yoongi blows out a cloud of smoke and watches it disappear as it travels up to the ceiling. “Let me hear this song.” Jimin says. “It's shit.” “Just let me hear it.” Yoongi groans but still gets up after Jimin raises his head from his thigh, then he walks to the bluetooth speakers and turns them on, he walks back to the bed and Jimin immediately gets possesion of his leg again. Yoongi looks for the song on his phone and taps on it, music slowly filling the air. Jimin closes his eyes and listens. Jimin, Yoongi always thougth this, has a good ear. He doesn't study music but he understands it, he can listen in a way that many musicians can only dream about. He stays quiet when the part that has been giving him problems comes up, Jimin's eyes immediately open, he frowns. “This part sounds weird.” Yoongi smiles “It does.” “It's empty.” “Empty?” “Yeah, you stop rapping in the transition and the piano key isn't enough to fill it.” Jimin stirs a little and hums “I guess you can't switch the order of the lyrics so they fill the transition, right?”

Yoongi nods “I tried, it fucks up the whole thing.” “Then add violins or some shit.” “Violins?” “Yeah, add those. Or any wooden string instrument, it would suit the song nicely and fill the gap.” Oh. Well shit, that would make everything fine. “Why the fuck didn't I think about it?” Yoongi muses, Jimin laughs. “Because you get lost in your own mindfuckery and stop thinking clearly.” Yoongi raises his eyebrows. He's not exactly wrong. “Guess you really earned those panties you want.” “Oh, right!” Jimin scoffs “'Cause the riding didn't earn me those.” “Shut up.” Yoongi says, no real bite in his voice whatsoever, he stumps the cigarette in the ashtray and turns off the bedside lamp, Jimin crawling up to the pillow and already grabbing at Yoongi's shirt so that he can put his head on Yoongi's chest. “'m sleepy.” Jimin sighs “Long week at college.” “Everything good, yeah?” “Yeah, just really fucking tiring. Tae didn't make it any better with his sulking and thirsting after Jungkook.” Yoongi knows Taehyung fairly well by now, always being mentioned at least ten times when Jimin comes over, Jungkook has been part of the narrative for a while too. “Then sleep. Tomorrow we can go shopping.” “Can we sleep in?” “Sure we can.” “Good.” Jimin smiles and breathes deeply through his nose “Night, hyung.” Yoongi presses his lips on Jimin's forehead, closing his eyes, breathing in the scent of Jimin's hair, holding him just a bit closer, trying to keep his heart from breaking because he's in love, so fucking whipped for Jimin, absolutely and utterly ruined since the moment he saw him. And Jimin- well, Jimin isn't. “Goodnight, Petal.”

Here's how it goes.

Yoongi has to attend a gala. Yes, an actual to God gala, with rich people, rich artists, rich producers. Yoongi doesn't like galas. Hell, Yoongi doesn't like a lot of things but galas? They can rot in hell, that's what they can do. But he has to be there, 'cause that's what happens when you find yourself with money, influence on the music industry and a handful of artists under your company that are getting recognized not only in Korea, but internationally. Jin being the number one of said handful. Honestly, Seokjin was a bet. Yoongi can recognize talent and art when he sees it or, in this case, hears it. Jin's voice could move the heart of the deadliest killer, his face could (and should) be on the covers of Vogue or something. Still, Yoongi's company always produced, since the very beginning, hip hop artists. Jin isn't that. Jin is elegant, classy, his music is different from anything Yoongi has ever produced. But it turned out to be a good bet, his best one yet. And Jin, the morning of the gala, told him that he would bring a plus one. Yoongi has thought that maybe he would've bringed a girl, a boyfriend, whatever. Instead, Jin makes his way to the party with a young boy walking beside him. Yoongi knows art when he sees it. “Yoongi-yah!” Jin greets him excitedly as soon as he spots him, walking to him with the boy following him “You dressed up.” “Hoseok forced me to.” Yoongi takes a sip of his champagne and looks at Jin's suit “You're wearing glitter.” “I'm wearing McQueen.” “Well damn, don't get your panties in a twist.” The boy snorts. Yoongi looks at him. He's got pink hair, for God's sake. The annoying thing is that it suits him. With a face like that, though, Yoongi guesses this kid could suit any color. The boy is looking around and he seems bored out of his mind, chewing on his bottom lip, all shiny with pink gloss, he has make up on his face and his cheekbones shine with some gold powder. He looks like he belongs between all of these people. “This is my little cousin, Jimin.” Jin introduces them, Jimin finally looking at Yoongi. “Good to meet you.” Yoongi says, Jimin bows a little as he shakes his hand. “Likewise.” Yoongi looks at Jin “Let me guess, he wanna become an idol and you thought of introducing him to me?” Jimin arches an eyebrow and his lips stretch in a grin. “No.” Jin chuckles “No, Minnie ain't about that life. I just didn't wanna come alone.”

“And I just wanted free alcohol.” Jimin adds, Yoongi smiles. “This brat, I swear to-” Jin narrows his eyes on something past Yoongi's shoulders “Is that Namjoon? Haven't seen him since we fucked in his studio.” “Which was, what, last week?” Jimin asks, still looking around. “Shut up. I'm gonna go say hi.” “And suck his dick since you're at it.” Jin looks like he wants to slap Jimin on the face but he just sighs and walks away, leaving the two of them alone. Yoongi keeps quiet, Jimin just doesn't seem to get enough of looking around until Yoongi clears his throat and Jimin shifts his attention to him. “If you're looking for Red Velvet they ain't here.” Jimin chuckles at that and Yoongi is surprised to find the sound so pleasing. “I'm looking for booze.” “Let me teach you a secret.” Yoongi raises his arm and clicks his fingers, from a corner of the room a waiter hurries over, carrying a silver tray with champagne flutes balanced on it. Jimin takes one of the glasses, the waiter smiles pleasently and walks away. “Thanks for the lesson.” Jimin says, he drinks slowly. Yoongi nods and his eyes travel from Jimin's face to his collarbones, exposed as the loose dress shirt hangs below them. Jimin's got fucking wonderful legs. Yoongi thinks they'd look even better wrapped around his waist- hell no, what the fuck. This kid is Jin's cousin and he looks young, no way he's gonna fantasize about Jin's cousin. “You study?” Yoongi asks, he raises the flute to his lips, Jimin follows the movement. “College, second year.” So he's legal. No, fuck, it shouldn't matter. “Is Jin that whiny even when he's home or is it just a pleasure reserved for me?” “He's worst at home, he cracks awful jokes and expects us to laugh at them.” Jimin keeps his eyes on Yoongi's hand around the glass of champagne. Yoongi snorts, takes another sip. “What do you study?” “You've got beautiful hands.” Yoongi almost chokes on air, Jimin looks up to him with no trace of embarassment. “I-” Yoongi coughs “Thank you.”

“The'd look fucking gorgeous around my neck.” Yoongi's eyes widen and there's something burning at the pit of his stomach. Want. Lust. Something else, too. “What did you just say?” Jimin smirks “You heard me right.” He sure did.

Here's how it goes.

Yoongi has Jimin against a wall, his cock buried deep inside him in one of the toilets of the hotel where the gala is hosted and his hands gripping at Jimin's ass. And that ass alone is already a masterpiece, but the way Jimin tries to stifle his moans, biting at his fist, writhing beneath him, that's something that has Yoongi losing his mind. “God, you're fucking tight.” Yoongi grunts, thrusting hard and Jimin's legs quiver “You're so gorgeous.” Jimin whimpers, clenching around him, pushes himself back on Yoongi's dick. “You like that?” “Yeah.” Jimin breathes out, holding himself up with a hand on the wall. Yoongi grips the back of Jimin's neck and squeezes, Jimin whining and his hips faltering. “How are you even real, uh?” Yoongi muses, words slurred “What do I have to do to keep you, mh?” “Well, you- oh God, right there- you could pay my college tuition?” Yoongi knows Jimin is joking, he can feel it in the tone of his voice, but he stops moving anyways. Jimin whines and tries to fuck himself on Yoongi's dick. “Is that all it would take?” Jimin stops moving as well. He twists his head to look at Yoongi from behind his shoulder. “Wait- are you serious?” Jimin asks “I need to know if you're actually serious.” Yoongi thinks about it for a second “Do you want me to be serious?”

Jimin blinks “You know what that would make you, right?” “No, I dont't.” “My fucking sugar daddy.” “Sugar daddies pay tutions?” “Sugar daddies do that and other things.” Yoongi hums “Like?” “I-” Jimin licks his lips “Like- I don't know, buy shit for the sugar babies? Jewels and stuff, I don't know, I'm not exactly an expert, can you keep fucking me?” “I'll buy you shit if you want me to.” Yoongi says “I'll buy you whatever you want.” Jimin looks at him for what feels like ages, instead it's just seconds, before there's a smirk on his face again “Then I guess I got my tuitions paid, daddy.” Yoongi grimaces “Okay, you call me daddy one more time and you can wave goodbye to a paid tution.” “What do you want me to call you?” Yoongi clicks his tongue “Hyung.” Jimin pushes his ass back against Yoongi's hips “Fuck me, hyung.”

Here's how it goes.

Yoongi wants a kid he's never met before so much that he's willing to do anything to have him for a little longer. Had he known how hard and fast he was going to fall in love with him, Yoongi would have probably never talked to him.

Jimin is currently sitting on the bed surrounded by too many panties as he paints his nails an electric blue. Yoongi is laying next to him, feeling lazy and awfully relaxed, looking at Jimin.

“I had a really good day today.” Jimin suddenly says, smiling wide. “I bet you did, considering all the shit I got you.” Jimin pouts and looks at him “Not because of that. Well, because of that, too, but mostly 'cause- I don't know. I had fun. You were in a very good mood, you're funny when you're in a good mood.” “Oh, so I'm not funny when I'm grumpy?” “Fuck no, you aren't.” Jimin says, grinning and looking back at his nails, painting with the nail polish his pinky. He raises his hand and looks at his finished work, humming in satisfaction, the he starts blowing on his nails. Yoongi shifts his attention on the panties, they still have the price tags attached, he takes one and lets it dangle from his fingers. It's- well, it doesn't even look like a piece of clothing. It's just strings of black fabric sewed together, they look like they could cover absolutely nothing. “These don't even look like panties, petal.” Jimin looks at the lingerie and smiles “Trust me, once I put them on they're gonna look like panties.” he takes them from Yoongi's hand “They're very tight.” Yoongi feels his lips curling up “'s that so?” Jimin hums “My ass will get squeezed.” Yoongi clutches at his chest “Oh, baby boy, you know me so so well.” Jimin slaps his arm playfully, his nose all scrunched up and his eyes bright “You're such a dork.” Yoongi shakes his head “Whatever. What do you wanna eat?” “Pizza! No, wait.” Jimin presses his lips together “Chiken.” “Chiken it is. I'll get delivery from the usual place.” “Okay. But before that-” Jimin rolls on his stomach and then gets on his knees, moving closer to Yoongi “I have a favor to ask.” Yoongi nods “What do you want?” “Your nails.” “What?” “Wanna paint your nails.” “No.” “Please.” “No, Jimin.” “Pretty please?” “Just because you add pretty doesn't mean I'll let you paint my nails.”

“But I'm pretty, so-” “That doesn't mean-” Yoongi sighs “No, Jimin, you ain't gonna paint my nails.” And then Jimin, the fucking cheeky little shit, he pulls his best move. His lips turn downward, eyebrows furrowed together and he gives Yoongi The Look. “Don't pout.” The Look hardens. “Petal, for fuck's sake, stop pouting. I'm being serious, if you don't drop this shit I- fuck! Fine! One nail!” Jimin bites his bottom lip and Yoongi realizes he lost. “All the nails.” he admits in defeat, Jimin squeaking excitedly and already pushing himself up and off the bed. “I'm gonna give you matte black nails! You'll love them!” I love you, Yoongi thinks as Jimin runs to his room to get the nail polish, I just love you.

Namjoon has been talking about what to do for Jin's comeback for about three hours. Jin has been rejecting every single idea Namjoon has had for the said three hours. “I am not having a girl in the music video.” “Jesus fucking Christ, Jin.” “No, Namjoon, end of the story, I don't wanna do another sappy romantic video.” Namjoon groans “Then what do you wanna do?” “Not my job to come up with ideas for videos, that's what you do.” Jin replies with a shrug, Namjoon bangs his head against the table. Yoongi sighs and drinks his coffee, lukewarm, but still coffee. Hoseok is playing a game on his phone. This meeting is a mess.

Just three weeks ago, Yoongi had to deal with Hoseok staring at his painted nails for a whole hour

before finally mustering the courage of asking what that was about. “My brother's daughter came to visit and she wanted to play.” Yoongi had lied “I ain't heartless, she's lovely, how could I say no.” Hoseok had hummed but definitely did not look convinced. Probably because he knows that Yoongi's brother does not, in fact, have a daughter. Yoongi is an idiot.

Still, now they're here, in a boring meeting, Jin sitting with his arms crossed and a raised eyebrow as Namjoon tries his best to come up with a decent idea. Yoongi has a feeling this is their concept of foreplay. Yoongi's phone buzzes in the pocket of his jeans and he takes it, far too happy to have a distraction. The happiness disappears the moment Yoongi opens the photo Jimin sent him. Jimin looks like he's on Yoongi's bed, which is likely as Jimin has a spare copy of the keys and is allowed to go to his house anytime he wants, but it's not that the problem. The problem is that Jimin has a plug deep in his ass, with lube everywhere, and those damn black panties that are nothing but large strings of fabric on. Yoongi stands up abruptly “Gotta make a call.” Before anyone can ask questions, Yoongi runs out of the office and goes to his studio, locking the door behind him and he sits on the little couch. Meanwhile, Jimin sent him a video, and from the preview Yoongi already has a feeling of what it shows. He taps on it and the video starts. Jimin has three fingers deep in his ass, moans muffled from a pillow, back arched beautifully and his dick trapped beneath the large strings of the panties. “Hyung-” “Fuck.” Yoongi swallows. They don't have many rules. Hell, they basically don't have any if not for two: weekends are always for them. Second rule is: Jimin isn't allowed to touch himself unless Yoongi tells him so. Call him old schooled, but Yoongi likes it. He likes the fact that Jimin has to think of him whenever he comes. Then again, it was Jimin who planted the idea in his head one evening, so Yoongi guesses he can't be the only to be blamed. Yoongi goes to his contacts and calls Jimin, the boy picks up almost immediately. “What do you think you're doing, Petal?” “Want your cock.” Jimin says, broken and sounding so needy Yoongi has to close his eyes. “I'm working.” “Then I guess I'll just have to take care of everything alone.”

Yoongi opens his eyes “If you come and I'm not there I swear I won't touch you for a month.” Which is a big fat lie. Yoongi would rather get kicked in the teeth than not having Jimin for an entire month, but Jimin doesn't need to know that. “Then you'd better get here quickly.” that's all Jimin says before he ends the call. Yoongi stares at the screen of his phone for a moment and frowns. That's- that can't be good. Yoongi knows Jimin, they've been doing whatever it is they do for almost a whole year. Jimin likes being good, he likes the praise, loves being taken care of because he knows he deserves it. Jimin doesn't like being punished. Sure, he's bratty, that's one of the main reasons why Yoongi is so fucking gone for him, but when Jimin deliberately breaks a rule is because he wants to be punished. The reason, that Yoongi does not know. But it can't be good. Still, Yoongi gets up, walks out of the studio and back in the office where Namjoon is still talking. “I need to go, I'll see you tomorrow.” he says, Namjoon stopping his speech and frowning. “We're not finished yet.” Hoseok says “Everything okay?” “Yeah, I just gotta take care of something urgent. You guys will be okay, right?” “Sure.” Jin says and he smiles at Yoongi “You'd better hurry to whatever it is that needs to be taken care of.” “Err-” Yoongi nods “Right. Bye.”

Yoongi steps inside his house, takes off his shoes and climbs up the stairs to the second floor. The door to his room is half open and he can hear Jimin's muffled noises. Yoongi opens the door and he's greeted with Jimin rutting against the mattress, whimpering miserably, body sweaty and his hair a mess. Yoongi walks slowly to the bed and climbs up, Jimin stiffing immediately. Yoongi sighs and rubs his hand on Jimin's back. “Minnie?” he tries “Petal, what's wrong?” Jimin twists his body a little, looking at him with huge eyes and swollen lips, he's probably been biting them the whole time. “I've been bad.” “Yeah.” Yoongi tilts his head to the side “Why have you been bad, Jimin?”

“I was horny.” to make a point, he drags his dick against the sheets again, precum staining the silk. “You could've just called me, I would've helped you get off. Tell me the reason why you're being like this.” “I've been bad, hyung.” Jimin says again “You should punish me.” “Minnie, just tell me-” “Jesus, Yoongi!” Jimin yells, cheeks flushing and eyes going glossy “Just spank me or something! I've been bad, these are the rules, fucking ruin me!” Well then. Talking doesn't work. “Fine.” Yoongi stands up and shrugs off his coat, throwing it on the floor “On your knees.” Jimin obeys quickly, getting on his hands and knees. Yoongi knows very well that this isn't exactly a punishment, not when it's so clear that Jimin wants this. Still, if this is what he needs then he's going to give it to him. Yoongi sits on the edge of the bed and pats on his leg, Jimin crawls to him and gets on Yoongi's lap, stomach on Yoongi's legs and ass arched up. Yoongi grabs Jimin's wrist and pulls it against Jimin's back, so that he can keep him in place since he knows Jimin is bad at staying still. Yoongi grabs one of the strings and tugs at it, they're elastic, he lets it go and watches the way they slap against Jimin's cheek. “You were right, I like these.” Yoongi sighs “You're gonna count for me, yeah?” “Yeah.” Jimin says, barely a whisper. “Okay.” Yoongi caresses Jimin between the shoulders, feeling him relax slightly at the touch. He's tense, that's so clear, but Yoongi knows Jimin very well. Whatever it is that has him so nervous and upset, Yoongi has to take care of it. His hand moves down Jimin's back, a feather-light touch, Jimin shivering until Yoongi's hand is on the boy's ass. Yoongi starts kneading Jimin's ass, slowly, until suddenly he raises his arm and smacks it. Jimin gasps, body tensing. “One.” he says, trying so damn hard to keep his voice steady. Yoongi slaps him again, this time harder, Jimin flinches and Yoongi can feel Jimin's cock dragging against his thigh. This is cheating. He'd tell him off for it but not today. “Two.” Yoongi rubs Jimin's cheek, already reddening, that's when he notices that the plug is back inside Jimin's ass. When he smacks his hand he does it so that he hits the plug as well, this draws a sharp moan from Jimin, who clenches around the toy. “Ah- three.” Yoongi hums, he lifts his hand again, Jimin's body stiffens in expectation. Instead, Yoongi lowers his hand slowly and starts leaving small caresses along Jimin's thigh. Yoongi squeezes Jimin's wrist and the boy huffs. “Got something to say?” Yoongi asks.

“Got something to say?” Yoongi asks. “No, hyung.” Yoongi arches an eyebrow “Are we sure?” “Stop fucking teasing me.” Jimin replies, sharply, then “Hyung.” So that's how they're gonna play this. Yoongi knows Jimin, but that goes both ways and if there's something that riles Yoongi up is Jimin acting like a fucking brat. The next slap on Jimin's ass is hard enough for Yoongi to feel it, hand stinging, Jimin shifts forward, dick rutting against Yoongi's thigh. “I-” Jimin swallows “Four.” “You're gonna make my pants dirty.” Yoongi sighs “What are you gonna do about that?” “What, you want me to lick them clean?” Yoongi's hand lands flat open against Jimin's cheek, then again. Jimin whimpers, Yoongi presses his arm down on his back harder. “Six.” Jimin hisses. Yoongi wets his lips, breathing hard through his nose, he can feel Jimin's dick twitching against his leg. The next two smacks are one after the other again, Jimin arching his back at the second slap, squirming under Yoongi's hold. “Mmh- eight.” Jimin sounds breathless, body shaking weakly “Hyung-” “What?” “Hyung, more.” Yoongi holds his breath when he lands his hand flat on Jimin's ass again, Jimin moaning out a broken nine, Yoongi rubs the red skin, warm under his touch. Then he raises his hand again, Jimin's hole clenches around the toy and Yoongi smacks him one last time. “Ten!” Jimin cries out, grinding slowly against Yoongi's leg, a little whine slipping past his lips. “Up.” Yoongi says, letting go of Jimin's wrist “Lie down, yeah?” Jimin nods and stands up, looking at Yoongi with a dazed expression for a moment before he's climbing back on the bed. Yoongi stands up as well and walks to the dresser, opening a drawer and taking the pink silk ribbon. It's one of those days, either he gets it on his own or Jimin will demand it. Yoongi gets on the bed next to Jimin “Hands, Petal.” Jimin, lying on his back, raises his arms, hands already closed in fists, Yoongi ties Jimin's wrists quickly and secures the ribbon with a simple bow, Jimin lets his hands fall behind his head. “Those stay there, right?” Jimin nods, he doesn't seem to be focusing much on Yoongi “Right.” Yoongi moves so that he stays between Jimin's parted legs and he takes time, looking at him.

There's this thing that has always bugged him, that he tried so damn hard to ignore but every time it comes back to him, almost biting at his brain just so that Yoongi can think about it. The thing is, he gets to touch him. Yoongi gets to have this, him, Jimin. Yoongi can touch his skin, feel how heated it is, he gets to kiss him, to bite at his lips until Jimin whimpers. Yoongi gets to see how pretty Jimin is when his skin is flushed and covered in sweat, how lovely he can be when he really wants something or is in just a good mood, he gets to see how fucking sinful he looks with a cock in his mouth. Yoongi gets to have all of this and more. But he truly doesn't, right? He gets to have this, but does he really? It's just the surface that he can have, not Jimin. Never really Jimin. I'm a horrible person, Yoongi thinks, because I'm still okay with what I can have. He strokes Jimin's inner thighs, still looking at him, he knows it's starting to feel too tender even for him. Jimin holds his breath. It's okay if I can't have him, right?, Yoongi thinks, I'll just have whatever I can get my hands on. Jimin is looking at him, too. He's still not really focusing, though. His eyes look glossy. So Yoongi lets himself have some more, his hand pressing lightly over Jimin's abdomen and moving to his hips, squeezing the flesh, stroking circles with his thumb. Jimin's eyes widen a little. This is too tender even for him. I'm a horrible person. Yoongi grabs the waistband of the panties and pulls them down, he leans down and settles between Jimin's legs before he licks a long stripe along the boy's cock. Jimin lets out a small sound, body flinching, Yoongi wraps his lips around the head of Jimin's dick and sucks. Jimin moans, loud, he's weak to this. He's always been. Yoongi wonders why, he's done much worst things to him, but there is always something that gets to Jimin when Yoongi sucks him off. Yoongi secretly loves it, that he can do this to him. Yoongi swallows Jimin's cock down, tongue flat against it, lips tight around him, Jimin's legs close around his head. “Hyung-” Yoongi hums, the vibration sending a rack of pleasure up Jimin's body, he arches beautifully and bites his bottom lip. Something stings in Yoongi's chest. It feels like rage for a moment because, once again, this is all he gets. God, he is a horrible person. He hears Jimin's breaths getting more laboured, his legs shaking, Jimin whispers “I'm close”, so Yoongi pulls back. Jimin opens his eyes, a whine leaves his lips. “This is still punishment, Petal.” Yoongi says, stroking lazily Jimin's cock “Unless you really wanna come. What's it gonna be?” Jimin presses his lips in a tight line and throws his head back on the pillow. Fucking stubborn brat. Yoongi sinks down on Jimin's cock again, this time hollowing his cheeks and relaxing his jaw, getting more and more of Jimin's length in his mouth until it hits the back of his throat, he almost chokes but fights off the uncomfortable feeling. He presses Jimin's hips down on the mattress, keeping him from thrusting in his mouth, Jimin writhing and moaning but still not moving his arms, keeping them behind his head.

Yoongi swallows and Jimin cries out, legs squeezing at the side of Yoongi's head. “Fuck! Hyung, wai- shit, I'm gonna come!” Yoongi pulls back once more, leaving Jimin to thrust up his hips, chasing more of the heat. He looks wrecked, chest heaving and eyes welled with tears, squirming uncomfortably on the bed. Yoongi wraps his lips around Jimin's erection again and, at the same time, grips the end of the plug and starts pulling it out. Jimin's body thrashes on the matress, too sensitive and too on edge, the sounds that leave his mouth sound almost pained at this point, Yoongi keeps bobbing his head up and down, sucking and teasing Jimin's hole with the toy, twisting it around and pulling it almost completely out just to thrust it back inside. “Yoongi, I wanna come!” Jimin sobs, trying so hard to thrust back in Yoongi's mouth “I wanna come, p-please let me come, I've been good, let me come!” Yoongi looks at him and keeps sucking him off, faster, fucking him with the plug until Jimin comes in his mouth, moaning and squeezing his thighs around Yoongi's head. Yoongi swallows it down and keeps his ministrations going until he hears Jimin whining and he tries to push him away with his knee, so Yoongi pulls back and cleans his mouth with the back of his hand, catching his breath. Jimin is looking at him with eyes half closed, tears on his cheeks and the most fucked out expression Yoongi's ever seen on the boy's face. Yoongi sighs and lays down next to Jimin, unties the ribbon around Jimin's wrists and kisses him on the temple. Jimin blinks at him before he wraps his arms around Yoongi's neck and hides his face in Yoongi's chest, taking a deep breath. “I was careful as to not ruin your panties this time.” Yoongi murmurs and Jimin lets out a weak snort. “Thanks.” he replies, voice barely there “These stain like hell.” Yoongi smiles and rubs his thumb on Jimin's cheek, the other hand caressing his hair “What's wrong?” “Nothing.” Jimin says after a pause. “Come on, I know you. Tell me what made you so upset that you needed me to fuck it out of you.” “You didn't fuck me, so-” “Jimin.” Jimin mutters something under his breath before he tilts his head up to look at Yoongi “I had a really bad week.” “Okay.” Yoongi nods “Tell me about it.” “My parents called.” Oh. “Shit, Minnie, why didn't you tell me?”

“I'm telling you now.” “That's not- nevermind, what did they say?” Jimin shrugs and he starts playing with Yoongi's shirt “Nothing new. The usual. Oh, what a failure you are Jimin, With that life style of yours that you chose we can barely look at the neighbours, If only you'd change your mind, because you know how totally easy it is to change your sexuality if you really think about it, right?” Jimin shakes his head “What else? Oh! Yes, there's news! They decided to stop sending me money for rent!” “What?!” Yoongi's eyes go huge “They did what?!” “Maybe that will help you change your mind. That's what my mom says.” Jimin grimaces “Don't know where she thinks she is, but in this world that's called blackmail. Then there was just thisthis issue with Taehyung. It's stupid.” “What happened with Taehyung?” Jimin worries his bottom lip and keeps twisting between his fingers the fabric of Yoongi's shirt “We had a huge fight this afternoon. I was down because of my parents and I just needed some comfort but as soon as Tae came home he started whining and whining about Jungkook being dense and- I don't know, I just snapped at him, told him to get his head out of his ass for a moment and realize that the world doesn't revolve around him and his stupid crush. He looked so hurt, I felt like shit. It wasn't even his fault, I didn't tell him I needed him to hear me out.” Yoongi sighs “Jimin, just- don't worry about this, okay? You and Taehyung will act as if nothing happened tomorrow, you'll apologize and everything will be okay. As for rent, don't worry about it.” Jimin groans and rolls away from Yoongi “You're not gonna pay for that, too.” “Fucking watch me.” Yoongi grumbles before he grips Jimin's wrist and pulls him close again “I'll pay for rent and that's it. Ain't that what people like me do?” He feels Jimin's grinning against his neck “People like you?” Yoongi clicks his tongue “Don't make me say it.” “But I'm so dumb, hyung, I don't know what you're talking about. You're gonna have to spell it out for me.” “I hate you.” “Say it out loud for your Petal, hyung.” “D-” Yoongi takes a deep breath “Daddies pay rents.” Jimin snorts, the sound turns into a full laughter and Yoongi can't help but smile along, 'cause at least he's the one who made him laugh like that. “Okay, so-” Yoongi pulls himself up on his elbows “How about I run you a bath and then you stay the night? I'll drive you to uni tomorrow, yeah?” Jimin smiles at him and nods “That sounds nice. Can I use your bathbombs?” Yoongi arches an eyebrow “You're really pulling the rope here.”

“Please?” “When can I every say no to you?” Yoongi gets off the bed “I'll cook you something for dinner.” Yoongi takes off his shirt, opting for something more comfortable to wear since he's gonna stay home when he feels Jimin's hand gripping his. He turns around and Jimin cups his face, connecting their lips, Yoongi finds himself closing his eyes and sighing into the kiss. There's this thing about the way Jimin kisses, it's something particularly painful. Yoongi can get lost in them, in the easy way their lips slot together, in the warmth of Jimin's mouth, he can almost fool himself into believing that Jimin loves him. When it hits him that that's not the case, Yoongi always breaks the kiss first. But it's hard. God, it's so hard.

“I am telling you!” Namjoon holds up his hands wide open, theatrically “Wolves.” Yoongi blinks, Hoseok looks at Namjoon with a frown. “Wolves.” Hoseok repeats, Namjoon nods enthusiatically “I'm gonna assume you don't mean badly animated CGI wolves like those by EXO.” “What? No!” Namjoon shakes his head “I mean actual wolves!” Yoongi needs a cigarette. Like, right now. “Joons.” he says, rubbing the bridge of his nose “What the fuck?” “Think about it for a second, will you?!” Namjoon sits down on a nearby chair “Wolves would suit Jin's comeback so well! Imagine it: Jin is sitting on a glass chair, or something, that ain't important, at his feet there are two wolves. And then Jin is sitting on the floor, a wolf on his lap! Are you imagining it?!” Hoseok nods slowly, eyes narrowed “Didn't Taylor Swift already do that?” “No?” Yoongi frowns “She didn't, what are you talking about?” “Ah, no, you're right, those were snakes.” “Who's Taylor Swift?” Namjoon asks, Yoongi looks back at Namjoon so fast his neck freaking

pops. “What do you mean who's-” Hoseok closes his eyes “Taylor Swift. You know her. We met her, for fuck's-” “Oh!” Namjoon claps his hands “The Shake It Off chick!” “The Sha- yeah, that one, sure.” Hoseok looks at Yoongi and shakes his head. “There weren't snakes in the video of Shake It Off.” Namjoon says, Hoseok bangs his head on the table and groans. “Did you talk to Jin about your wolves idea?” Yoongi asks, Namjoon nods and crosses his arms. “I did.” “What did he say?” “I believe his exact words were: go fuck yourself.” Namjoon holds up his index finger “But! I believe that with some sweet talk he'll come around.” Yoongi hums “Well, I won't. No wolves.” “What?! Why?!” “'Cause they cost a goddamn fortune, that's why.” Yoongi feels his phone buzzing in the pocket of his jeans and stands up “Besides, Jin's song talks about humble beginnings, what the fuck do wolves got to do with that?” Before Namjoon can protest Yoongi takes his phone out and answers the call without even checking the ID. “Yeah?” “Yoongi hyung.” Yoongi frowns at Jimin's voice and walks a bit further in the room to keep Hoseok's nosy ears away from him “Hey, Petal. What's up?” He hears Jimin sighing, the sound of a siren in the distance “Please, don't get mad.” “What?” “I need to tell you something, but don't get mad.” “Okay, you're not exactly keeping me calm with this.” “I took one of your cars.” Yoongi waits for a few seconds for Jimin to keep talking, but he doesn't, so he clears his throat “Okay? Why should I be mad, you know you can use the cars so-” “I had an accident.” “You had what?!” Yoongi yells, he spins around and grabs the nearest furniture he has at his disposal.

“Please, don't get mad, please!” Jimin pleads, using The Voice “I'm at the hospital right now, but I swear the car is not that ruined.” “You're at the hospital?!” Yoongi grips on the furniture for dear life. He's probably not gonna faint, but- just for safety. Hoseok is looking at him concerned, Namjoon taking a step further. “Well, yeah.” “Are you hurt?!” Jimin, the fucking brat, scoffs “No, hyung, I just felt like taking a pleasure stroll at the nearest Hospital.” “I swear to-” “It's not that bad, I just hit my head and passed out, so they wanted-” “YOU PASSED OUT?!” Okay, yeah, he might actually faint “Where are you? What hospital?” “At the Severance Hospital, why?” “I'm coming to get you.” Yoongi says, already power walking out of the office ignoring Namjoon's voice as he calls him and asks him what's wrong. “What?!” Jimin shrieks “No, you don't need to, the car isn't that ruined, it still works, I can drive it back to your place!” “I don't give a shit about the car!” Yoongi almost shouts, not 'cause he's angry, only because he swears he can feel about four micro heart attacks coming “Just sit down and wait for me!” Yoongi ends the call before Jimin can protest and runs outside the building, nearly running into one of the new interns, Yoongi quickly apologizes to the girl and is out on the street. He spots a taxi, a man seems to be about to get on it but oh, not today bitch. Yoongi sprints to the car and almost launches himself inside the taxi, the driver giving him a wide eyed glance. “Severance Hospital, Gangnam.” Yoongi shuts close the car door “I'll pay you a lot, I'm talking like big money, if you get me there in ten minutes.” There's a glint of challenge in the driver's eyes as he fastens his seatbelt and starts the car.

Nine minutes later sees Yoongi stumbling outside of the taxi with a lighter wallet and with at least ten burned red lights behind them. He runs inside the hospital, quickly dodging a nurse who is walking in his direction and checks again the text Jimin sent him whilst he was in the car. The doctor gave him the okay to go home already, so he must be somewhere around here in the main waiting area. Yoongi finally spots a pink hair and walks there. As soon as Yoongi is in front of him Jimin looks up from his phone and sighs.

“I'm sorry about the car.” he says, looking at him with huge eyes and a bruise on his cheekbone, there's an adhesive bandage on his temple that looks reddened as hell but, apart from that, he looks just fine. Yoongi allows himself to breathe “Please, tell me you're okay.” “I'm fine, really, just hit my head hard against the steering wheel but it's totally okay.” Yoongi lets himself fall on the empty seat next to Jimin and he closes his eyes “Jesus, you gave me the scare of a lifetime.” He hears Jimin giggle “Did I?” “My hair must have turned white or something.” “No, your hair is fine.” Jimin puts his chin on Yoongi's shoulder and smiles at him “What, you were worried?” Yoongi tilts his head a bit to look at him in the eyes a bit better “I was terrified.” Jimin blinks and his smile turns a bit softer “Sorry. But I'm okay.” “Okay.” Yoongi takes a deep breath and stands up “Okay, come on, I'll drive you back to my place, yeah? You don't have a tub at your flat and I am willing to let you use my bathbombs.” “I should get into accidents more often then.” “Do that and I'll kick your ass.” Jimin rolls his eyes and grabs Yoongi's hand, intertwining their fingers and giving him an apologetic smile, then they start walking to the exit. That's the moment a man comes storming inside and Jimin freezes. “Ah, shit.” he hisses, Yoongi frowns. The man sees them and points a finger at Jimin, walking to them “You!” Jimin takes a step back and tries to hide behind Yoongi, who's already really stressed as it is, he really doesn't need this right now. “You little asshole, you owe me a new car!” the man yells, already attracting the attention of the people nearby. “What?!” Jimin scoffs and he takes a step forward, hand still linked with Yoongi's “You should learn how to drive, then you can come talk to me!” Yoongi bites back a smile but the man clearly doesn't look half amused. He glances at Yoongi, then down at their hands and something mean glints in his eyes. “I see.” he says “I bet that wasn't even your goddamn car, right?” “That's not the point! You're the one who rammed into me, you burned a red light!” “He did what?” Yoongi asks, attention back on the man “You're the one who sent him to the hospital?” “I'm not talking with you.” the man waves a hand dismissevely at Yoongi and, okay, that's not a

smart move “Listen to me, you fucking brat, you're gonna get me a new car since apparently you're too busy sucking cock to learn how to drive.” The first thing Yoongi notices is that this man actually means what he said. The second thing is that Jimin takes a step back and looks down. That's enough for Yoongi. “Your car.” he says, the man shifting his attention on Yoongi “What model is it?” The man crosses his arms, clearly thinking Yoongi is talking business “A Nissan. Got it two months ago, brand new.” Yoongi nods “I could buy your car.” The man frowns “What?” “I could buy the whole Nissan catalogue, actually. I could buy the pants you're wearing, the shitty shoes you own, I could buy your house.” Yoongi steps forward “I could buy your fucking life. So here's what we're gonna do: you're gonna back the fuck off or I swear I will fucking ruin you.” The man doesn't say anything. What he does instead is slowly walking backwards, eyes fixed on Yoongi, then he turns around and storms out of the hospital. Jimin is staring at him with wide eyes. “I probably can't buy his life.” Yoongi shrugs “I kind of went with the flow.” “That was kind of really hot.” “That turned you on. Obviously.” “I'm half hard.” “Okay, I'm getting you home right now.” Yoongi grabs Jimin's hand again and they leave the hospital again “What car did you take, anyway?” A pause. “Jimin?” “The Tesla.” Yoongi almost faints for real this time.

Yoongi knows he's being ridiculous, but he's really not okay with the whole bruised face. Which is stupid, 'cause Jimin is fine, it could've been way worse It's just a bruise and a nasty cut on his temple, it's nothing. Still, it bothers him. Jimin is half asleep on the couch with him, sprawled all over him in a pair of Yoongi's sweats and an azure soft sweater, smelling of jasmine and citrus after both of them took a bath and Jimin decided to use both of Yoongi's favorite bath bombs. Yoongi guesses he can spoil Jimin a bit more than usual tonight.

Jimin stirs a little and wraps his arms around Yoongi's waist, smiling to himself as he settles his chin on Yoongi's chest. “Thank you for today.” he says “I had to call someone and it was you or Jin, and Jin would've killed me.” “And he would've asked you how come you got your hands on a Tesla.” “That, too.” Jimin grimaces then “I'm so sorry Yoongi-hyung.” “Nah, don't worry, I'm just glad you didn't get hurt too much. Just... next time, take another car.” Jimin laughs and leaves a kiss on Yoongi's lips before he goes back to laying his head down on his chest “I will.” There's a movie playing on tv, something about a dramatic and impossible love story that is cliché and badly acted, Jimin seems like he's about to fall asleep so Yoongi doesn't really pay attention to it. But he does take his time in looking at Jimin. He thinks that this, right now, this feels right. Just cuddlying on the couch, with a bad movie playing, with Jimin wearing his clothes and smelling of jasmine, pink hair a tousled mess and eyes puffy. This feels right. And Yoongi wants it. He cards his fingers between Jimin's pink hair and clenches his jaw. “Petal.” “Mmh?” “I can't do this anymore.” Jimin stiffens immediately but he looks up at him, brows furrowed “This?” “You and me.” Yoongi swallows hard, this is it “You being my sugar baby, I can't. I don't want you to be that anymore.” Jimin blinks a few times “Oh. I- I see.” his lips stretch in a smile that is barely there and he gets off Yoongi and off the couch “Guess I'm leaving then.” He leans down and kisses Yoongi on the lips for a second “Goodbye, hyung.” As Yoongi watches Jimin leaving the living room, opening the door and shutting it close, Yoongi has time to think. He thinks that, well, he should've seen it coming. This is what Jimin and he had, this kind of relationship was all they had. And it was all Yoongi got to have. So, really, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that Jimin would leave once that was gone. Still, Yoongi fooled himself into believing that maybe Jimin would've stayed. He got drunk on the kisses and shared looks, on the way Jimin's eyes sometimes would seem to see nothing but Yoongi and in the way his name tasted so sweet on those lips. What Yoongi wasn't expecting, however, was for it to hurt this fucking bad.

When he's at work it's easier. Yoongi drowns himself into his work, finishes that song, finally. There are violins in the transition now, he convinces himself he didn't do it because Jimin likes violins. Namjoon and Hoseok work on Jin's new video, with no wolves, and Yoongi knows something good will come out of it. But then he gets home and, everytime, he looks around and swears he can still smell Jimin's coconut shampoo, or the fragrance of the expensive lotion he used to smother his skin with. “It has dust of gold inside.” Jimin had told him to convince Yoongi to buy him that lotion “You like me in gold.” There are two pillows in a corner of the couch because Jimin used to fall asleep there in the middle of whatever movie they were watching and Yoongi doesn't have the courage to put them away. There's still tea in the cupboard even though he doesn't drink it. There's a pink sweater on Yoongi's armchair, in his bedroom, that Jimin had forgotten there and Yoongi can't bring himself to put it back in Jimin's closet. Hell, Yoongi still can't find the courage to go in Jimin's room. He tried once, but as soon as he opened the door he could fucking see Jimin in there, all curled up on the bed with that shit eating grin on his face and that alone almost broke his heart again. Hoseok seems to sense something is up 'cause he asks him to get some coffee together a weekend. They sit down in a small cofee shop close to the studio and Hoseok brings it up. “Something happened, hyung?” he asks him from behind his cup of cappuccino “You're weird lately.” Yoongi manages a smile and shakes his head “Nah, Seoksie, just tired.” Hoseok nods and puts down the cup “Don't lie to me, Yoons. Look, if I didn't think it was impossible I'd say you got your heart broken or something.” Yoongi stares at his coffee silently a little longer than normal and Hoseok's eyes go the size of the moon “No fucking way.” Yoongi frowns at him “Why do you look so fucking surprised? I'm a human, you know? I have feelings.” Hoseok laughs nervously and scratches the back of his neck, slumping back in his chair “No, of course, it's just- wasn't expecting that.” Yoongi hums “Yeah, me neither.” Hoseok nibbles on his bottom lip and leans on the table with his elbows, he gives Yoongi's wrist a squeeze “I'm sorry, hyung. How did it happen? Is it someone I know or-” “It's Jin's cousin.” “Wait-”

“Wait-” “And I was his sugar daddy.” “Hold the fuck up-” “Then I wanted more but he didn't.” “You absolute fuck up, can you shut up for a moment?!” Hoseok shrieks, the people sitting at the next table eye them for a moment. Yoongi takes a sip of his coffee “Don't yell.” “You were Jimin's sugar daddy?!” Hoseok hisses “Like, are we talking about the same Jimin here? Jin's precious little cousin Jimin? Precious Jiminie with pink hair and eye smile?” “You know other Jimins who fit the description?” Yoongi grumbles, looking down at his cup and dragging his blunt nails against it “Yes, him.” Hoseok scoffs “Holy shit. You're an idiot.” “Thanks.” “Jin will kill you if he finds out.” “That's why he won't find out.” Yoongi looks up at Hoseok and arches an eyebrow “Right, Seoksie?” Hoseok points a finger at him, eyes narrowed “Don't use my cute nickname as a threat. But yeah, sure, my lips are sealed.” Hoseok's eyes softens and he takes a deep breath “I'm sorry about Jimin, hyung. Really.” Yoongi gives Hoseok a small smile “Yeah, me too.”

It takes faith a week to decide that it's time for hell to break loose. Yoongi is in his studio, writing down some lyrics that he came up with during his ride to work, Hoseok next to him with his headphones on, listening to the demo that a new young producer sent to them when suddenly the door flies open and Kim Seokjin stands there in his full pink outfit and death in his eyes. Yoongi swallows “Oh, shit.” “You.” Jin takes a step forward and Yoongi jumps off his chair and moves it in front of him as a shield “I am about to kill you, Min Yoongi.” Namjoon appears at the door as well, face red and breathing ragged and he immediately grabs Jin's arms and holds him against his chest “Yoongi-hyung, run!”

“Let go of me, you tall freak!” Jin shrieks, thrashing against Namjoon's hold “I have a piece of shit to murder!” Hoseok still hasn't moved from his chair, staring at the scene and looking just a tad amused. Yoongi will kick his ass later. “You can't murder me!” Yoongi retorts “I'm your producer!” “Then I will shove a cactus up your asshole!” Jin growls and, honestly, if it weren't for the pink overalls he's wearing, Yoongi would be shitting his pants “What the fuck were you thinking?! It's Jimin, for fuck's sake!” Yoongi grimaces “I know, I'm sorry, I just-” “What?! You just what?!” “Jin-hyung, please calm down.” Namjoon tries but Jin doesn't listen. “You broke my little cousin's heart, so now I will break your legs!” Yoongi puts down the chair, a frown on his face “Wait, I did what? He's the one who left, not me, what are you talking about?” Jin stops squirming in Namjoon's hold and squints his eyes “What do you mean he left? You told him you didn't want him anymore.” “No, it's more complicated than that, it's a long story.” “Yoongi, trust me, I know the story.” Jin clicks his tongue “What, you really thought I wouldn't notice when Jimin suddenly started wearing Gucci? Seriously, once he was wearing a pair of shoes that were more expensive than half of my house's market value.” Yoongi slowly nods “Yeah, I told him to keep it low, he's got expensive tastes.” Hoseok frowns “That sounded awfully sexual.” “Hoseok, shut the fuck up? Please?” Yoongi sighs and looks back at Jin “Well, if you know the whole story you should also know he's the one who walked out on me, so-” “No, that's- seriously, Namjoon, let go of me-” Jin glares at Namjoon until the man gives up and releases Jin “He told me you didn't want him anymore! That out of nowhere you just told him that that was it! You actually told my little cousin that you didn't want him anymore, like what the fuck, are you fucking blind or- on a second thought, hold me back Namjoon.” Namjoon rolls his eyes and goes back at keeping Jin from actively murder someone. But Yoongi is just at a loss for words at the moment, trying to make sense of what Jin is telling him “That's not how it went. I told him I didn't want him as a sugar baby anymore.” “Yeah, no shit.” Jin scoffs “But it turns out you're either really dense or a jerk since Jimin is in love with you and you just tossed him aside when you got tired of him.” Yoongi blinks “Jimin is what?” Hoseok gasps “What an unexpected turn of events!” “You seriously didn't know?” Jin asks him and Yoongi just dumbly shakes his head.

“I-” he swallows “I told him that I couldn't do this anymore. The whole sugar daddy thing, because I want more. I want him, I'm-” “You're in love with him.” Jin's eyes widen “Oh, shit. You love him back. He thought- when you told him that, he thought you had just gotten tired of him.” “I really did not.” “He thought it was because of a Tesla or something?” “Oh my God!” Yoongi groans “I don't care about the fucking car!” Hoseok claps his hands and the attention shifts to him, who's looking at Yoongi with a huge smile “I'm feeling like you're missing the big point in all of this.” “Am I?” “He's in love with you. You're in love with him.” Hoseok gestures wildly in the air “So go make love happen or something?” Yoongi frowns then he gasps “Shit, you're right. I need to talk to him.” “Yes, you do!” Jin yells and finally frees himself from Namjoon's death grip, he fishes in the pockets of his overall and gets out a bundle of keys, throwing them at Yoongi's chest. The keys fall sadly on the ground, Jin stares at them for a second before he walks to them, picks them up and walks back to his previous spot “Okay, now I'm gonna throw them again and you're gonna catch them.” Yoongi nods. Jin throws the keys and Yoongi catches them this time. “You go to him, Yoongi!” Jin shouts again “Take my car!” Yoongi stares at the keys “Hyung, I have a car.” Jin deflates “Okay, listen, I just wanted to do that scene like in the movies, where the supporting character helps the main character out by giving him his car or something, just humour me.” Yoongi rolls his eyes, shoves the keys on Jin's chest and runs out of the studio, ignoring Jin's string of curses and lithany of how youngsters do not know what respect is.

Yoongi gets to Jimin's flat in record time and without running over anyone, so he decides to count

it as a win. He drove Jimin to his place many times before, it's a little condo not so distant from his college, an old building with a metal staircase that connects all the floors. He gets out of the car and runs to it, climbing two rungs at a time until he reaches the third floor, out of breath. He sprints to what he knows is Jimin's door and knocks as hard as he can, then straightens up and clears his throat. That's when panic kicks in. First of all, he has no idea as to what he's gonna say. Secondly, he's out of breath. And sweaty. He didn't even wash his hair this morning. Holy shit, did he brush his teeth after lunch? What if Jimin is not home? Oh my God, what the hell is he even wearing?! The door opens, Yoongi almost has a heart attack right there on the spot. In front of him stands a really tall boy, with huge brown eyes and a face that could maybe challenge Jin's beauty. The boy flashes him a box smile “Hello!” Yoongi nods “Hi.” “I'm Taehyung!” Oh, so that's Taehyung. “I... I kind of know.” “Oh my God.” Taehyung whispers in awe “You're psychic?” “What?” “Jungkook!” Taehyung suddenly yells, Yoongi flinches “Get your butt here, babe! There's a dude who's psychic!” Another boy comes in the picture, Yoongi wonders why everyone here is so damn tall. “You're psychic?” the guy, Jungkook, asks “For real?” “No, I'm not.” “He knew my name.” Taehyung says excitedly. “I'm not psychic.” Jungkook arches an eyebrow and grabs Taehyung's arm, pulling him behind his back “Then you're a stalker.” “You're a stalker?!” Taehyung gasps, Yoongi takes a deep breath. “No.” he replies “I'm- I know Jimin, he told me about you.” “Oh!” Taehyung smiles again “Then you must be here for him! Jimin, get your butt here!” Yoongi flinches at the sudden scream again. “So, who are you?” Jungkook asks. “I'm- just a friend. Min Yoongi, it's good to-” “Close the fucking door, Jungkook.” Taehyung says, looking at Yoongi with eyes cold as ice and an ugly sneer on his lips “He's not welcome here.”

Well, shit. Before Yoongi can protest, Jungkook is already about to shut the door close when another voice is heard “Can you two shut up?! I'm trying to study, you goddamn-” Yoongi swears he feels his heart drop to his stomach the moment Jimin appears behind Taehyung. He looks tired, all puffy eyes and hair tousled, wearing a sweater that is too large on his frame and that cover up up the middle of thighs. “What are you doing here?” Jimin asks, face stiff. “Can we talk?” Yoongi glances at Taehyung and Jungkook “Alone?” “No.” “Please?” “No.” “Pretty please?” “Hey, that's my line! No, wait, that's not the-” Yoongi sighs “Petal, please.” Jimin immediately softens and shakes his head “Guys, go take a walk.” Jungkook nods and grabs Taehyung's hand, dragging him outside as Taehyung throws daggers with his eyes at Yoongi. “Come in.” Jimin steps back and Yoongi walks inside the flat, closing the door behind him “Sorry for the mess, when Tae and Kook are here it gets wild.” “It's okay.” Yoongi looks around, the flat is tiny but cozy, maybe a bit messy but that's to be expected from college kids, there's a nice looking couch against a wall and a tv in front of it, an open door that leads to a kitchen and two separate hallways “It's a nice place.” Jimin hums and gestures at him to follow him, he walks into one of the hallways and opens the door at the end of it. As soon as Yoongi steps in he knows this must be Jimin's room. It just smells like him, he recognizes some of the clothes thrown around, on the bed there's even that silly stuffed animal Yoongi won for him when Jimin convinced him to go to the arcades together. Jimin sits cross legged on the bed and grabs a pillow, putting it on his lap and fidgeting with the hems of it “Why are you here?” Okay, this is it. Yoongi stands in front of him and clears his throat “Jin told me.” Jimin groans and blushes immediately, he hides his face behind his hands “I'm gonna fucking kill him.” “No, don't. I mean, he did threaten to murder me, but still.” Yoongi tries to catch Jimin's eyes but the boy seems well set on staring at his lap now “It was a misunderstanding. We both got things wrong, I wasn't getting rid of you.” Jimin rolls his eyes “You said to end it, so-” “I meant it.” Yoongi cuts him off “I meant it when I said that we should end it. I don't want you as my sugar baby anymore and I don't want to be your sugar daddy anymore. I just want you.”

Jimin looks at him for a few moments “You want me.” “Yes.” “I don't believe you.” the way he says it, he sounds more sad than angry. Yoongi looks at Jimin's eyes, how tired and glassy they are and, well, he gets it now. He truly does. He can see now how hard this must have been for him, too. Because right now, Jimin just kind of gave up. He kept going and going until it was too much, until Yoongi gave him a way out and Jimin took it. He let go of him. “You-” Jimin goes back at fidgeting with the pillow “You say you want me, that I can believe, you've wanted me since the first moment you saw me. But the thing is, you also had me and then that was it.” Jimin shrugs “So why would it be any different this time?” “When you smile your eyes disappear.” Yoongi blurts out, Jimin frowns. “What?” “You scrunch up your nose when you laugh. You act cute to get something you want, you pout because you know I'm weak to that and- and when you have a nightmare you cry like a fucking toddler and the next morning you make me cook pancakes for you and you sniffle and whine until you finally get to eat them. And my pancakes taste like shit, I know it.” “Hyung-” “You're fucking annoying sometimes and you're so spoiled.” Yoongi keeps going “And expensive. And you always make me watch movies that I end up hating. You like cuddling too much, like, seriously sometimes it's just too damn hot to cuddle, you need to understand that. Also, your feet are fucking cold, get them away from my legs when we sleep together.” Yoongi pauses to breathe “You almost cried once 'cause you saw a bird without a leg and that alone almost broke my heart. And you like having your nails a bit longer so that you can paint them and I lied when I said I didn't like them. And, shit, you're dangerous because when you kiss me it feels like you love me. There were times where you looked at me like you couldn't get enough and that's probably not true but that's the thing, you make people feel like that. And you're- you're just beautiful to me. So I fell for you, and I fell for you because of all those things I just said, all of them, so I want you. I don't think I'll stop anytime soon.” Jimin stares at him with huge eyes and parted lips, a flush making it's way from his face down to his neck, hands gripping hard at the pillow on his lap and what feels like thousand of words hanging unspoken from his lips. “That's what I wanted to tell you.” Yoongi nods to himself “So now I'll- yeah, I'm just gonna go.” “Don't.” Jimin whispers “Don't go.” Yoongi doesn't. He stays frozen on the spot and there it is again, that flare of hope he became so familiar with. “You puff your cheeks when you're embarassed.” Jimin murmurs “And you... you get over excited easily over the silliest things, it's cute. You like to act all mature and shit but once you raced me to Naruto Run back to your place.” “I was drunk!” “You make funny noises when you're in a good mood. And if you laugh a lot your voice cracks.

You pout a lot when you're focused or talking about something you care about and it's so fucking cute. And-” Jimin bites his lips nervously “And you love your music more than you'll ever love anything in your life. You touch your piano the way you touch a lover and I know this because that's how you touch me. Your hands know how to touch things that are frail because when you touched me I felt safe. You just- you touched me and I fell apart. You broke me even when you treated me like I was made of porcelain. And I love you for it.” Jimin takes a deep breath and looks up at him “So please don't go.” Yoongi feels the flare of hope shine just a bit brighter “So I can stay?” “You really must. You have no choice.” Jimin gives him a small smile “You're stuck with me now.” “That doesn't sound so bad.” Jimin snorts a little “You sound really awkward when you try to be smooth.” “Give me a break, I'm trying my best here.” “You're doing amazing, sweetie.” Jimin holds out his hand “Now come here and touch me.” Yoongi walks to him and holds Jimin's hand “Why didn't you just say something? You could've told me.” “I thought you were fine with us staying just that and not more.” Jimin replies “You gotta admit it, you're a mess at showing your feelings. I seriously had no idea you wanted more.” Yoongi has to agree on that. Jimin tugs at his hand and his eyes fall down to Yoongi's lips. “Can we?” he asks, looking so small and insecure. “Yeah.” Yoongi says quietly, leaning down until their noses brush “I think we can.” Then Jimin is kissing him, lips stretched in a smile, and Yoongi realizes that now it doesn't just feel as if Jimin kisses him like he loves.

Next thing he knows is that somehow they ended up on the bed, most of their clothes thrown on the ground, Jimin straddling his legs wearing only that stupidly large sweater and Yoongi has his black shirt half hanging from his shoulders but they decided half way that they didn't wanna waste time on getting rid of the rest of their clothes. Jimin has his lips pressed against Yoongi's neck, sucking on it and licking at the skin as Yoongi thrusts his fingers up in Jimin's hole, slowly and carefully and maybe he just wants to tease him until he begs and shakes or maybe he only wants to drag this for as long as he can. Just because he can. Just because he's got time. “I missed you so much.” Jimin says against his neck, wrapping his arms around Yoongi “I missed you.” Yoongi isn't good with words, not when Jimin is so warm against him, so he presses a kiss on the boy's temple to let him know that he missed him too, so bad, so fucking much. And Jimin knows him well enough to understand this language of his as well.

Yoongi crooks his fingers and Jimin gasps softly, pushing down his hips and crying out everytime Yoongi brushes that spot until he's shaking. When Jimin sinks down on Yoongi's dick they both stand still, breath coming out too loud in the quiet room, evening slowly swallowing the light, the window is still open and cool air brushes against their skin and Yoongi just can't keep his eyes off Jimin, not now, not when he finally has this. Him. Jimin grips on Yoongi's shoulders, staring at him in the eyes as he slowly lifts himself up and then slams back down, a moan coming out of his lips, hips dragging in slow circles. He keeps this going, Jimin keeps moving agonizingly slowly and then hard all at once, keeping his eyes on Yoongi's and maybe that is what is driving Yoongi crazy. Because before Jimin didn't really dare to look at him in the eyes, if he did it was for seconds only, he'd usually close them. But now he's just staring as if he's seeing something beautiful for the first time and Yoongi kind of loves it and kind of feels like he's drowning. “Hyung.” Jimin says, voice low and still too loud in the room “Fuck me. Please.” Yoongi does, hands on Jimin's hips as he fucks into him in slow thrusts, savoring the heat and tightness, taking in the blissed out expression on Jimin's face, lips shiny and swollen and scorching eyes never leaving his own and it's too much. So Yoongi pulls him closer and kisses him again, hard and maybe even desperately, still keeping his thrusts slow, Jimin whimpering into his mouth. This feels so intimate Yoongi feels like he'll go crazy. Yoongi pushes his hands down the sweater, hands roaming over Jimin's back, biting at his lip when Jimin starts meeting his thrusts halfway and even kissing becomes too much. So Yoongi breaks the kiss and drags his lips on Jimin's neck, mouthing at the skin and licking the sweat off his collarbones, hands pressing on Jimin's hips a bit harder and helping him moving. “Talk to me, petal.” Yoongi would pride himself for actually spelling out a sentence if only his voice didn't sound so fucking wrecked. But when Jimin speaks, God, his voice is shaking with need and want and pleasure “I feel so good, Yoongi.” Jimin slams down a bit faster “You fuck me so good.” Yoongi thrusts up just as Jimin goes down and he can't help the moan he lets out, a sound that he might not be able to live down in any other situation, but this is Jimin and Jimin is tight and lovely and beautiful so it's fine, it's good. When he looks up Jimin is looking at him again, with fondness and warmth, Yoongi feels the air around him becoming a lot heavier. “I'll make you happy, yeah?” he says, Jimin nods “You're gonna make me happy and I'll make you happy, I swear.” Jimin just nods again, almost numbly, then he leaves a small kiss on the corner of Yoongi's mouth “Can- can I come? I wanna come, I'm so close.” “Yeah.” Yoongi circles Jimin's erection with his fist, stroking him fast and slamming hard inside Jimin, picking up a pace that is almost brutal because he knows Jimin loves it this way “Come, Petal.” Jimin tucks his head in the crook of Yoongi's neck, moaning out his name over and over again as their rhythm gets lost somewhere in the middle of it all, clenching around Yoongi's cock when he comes with a shudder over Yoongi's stomach.

“Don't stop don't stop.” Jimin sobs, still meeting Yoongi's thrusts as he rides out his orgasm “Please don't stop.” Yoongi just fucks into him harder, faster until he can't help it anymore and he comes with one last thrust, spilling inside Jimin as the boy shivers and slows down. Yoongi swears he sees white behind his fucking eyelids, he grips Jimin's hips to stop him completely from moving, feeling way too sensitive all of a sudden. For some reason, none of them seem to want to move so they stay like that, Jimin still holding onto him as if he thinks Yoongi's gonna leave once he stops. Yoongi feels dizzy when his orgasm slowly fades away, leaving something hot and numb in the pits of his stomach. He finds himself leaving feather light kisses on the exposed skin of Jimin's shoulder, stroking at his hips, flesh soft and too warm. “Baby?” “Mmmh.” Jimin hums, still not moving his head off Yoongi's shoulder. “We're gonna have to move at some point.” “Fuck that.” Yoongi chuckles “No, seriously.” “Don't wanna.” he says in a voice Yoongi knows far too well. “What are you pouting for if I can't even see your face?” “Works anyway.” “Fucking brat.” Jimin giggles “I missed you saying that.” a pause “I missed you.” “I'm sorry.” and fuck, he really is. “You're so bad with words, how was I supposed to understand what you meant when you said you didn't want me anymore?” “Don't blame it all on me, you're the one who just went and left.” Jimin punches weakly at his chest “I'm pretty, I don't deserve this kind of treatment.” “Being pretty ain't gonna save your ass everytime.” “Works with you, so why should I stop?” Jimin starts squirming a little and Yoongi hisses “Sorry. Maybe I should get off you.” “Just maybe.” Jimin finally climbs off Yoongi and just falls back on the bed, sighing lougly once he hits the mattress. Yoongi lets himself fall down on his stomach next to Jimin, slumping his arm over Jimin's chest and thumbing at his neck. “These sheets are a mess.” Jimin says “Wet spots everywhere.” Yoongi hums “I love you.”

Jimin turns his head a bit to look at him and smiles at him all wide, nose scrunching up and eyes turning into crescents “I like the sound of it when you say it.” “I love you.” “Okay, no, don't.” Yoongi frowns “You're fucking difficult.” “No, you're gonna give me a heart attack, I'm still an emotional mess.” Jimin shifts around and cuddles closer to Yoongi, nuzzling at his chest “I feel all warm and fuzzy so keep the sudden love declarations low for a while.” “That's kinda cute.” Yoongi mutters, feeling a bit too relaxed “I gotta clean you up but I'm falling asleep.” “No, cuddles first.” “Can't I cuddle you later?” “I'm demanding them now. How about that?” Yoongi groans and starts petting Jimin's head “Fine then, but if you fall asleep don't complain in the morning.” “I will still complain.” “Yeah, you will.” “Ah, shit.” Yoongi opens an eye “What?” Jimin is looking down at his sweater “I got my new sweater dirty.” Yoongi hums and closes his eyes again, a smile curling up his lips “Guess what?” Jimin giggles “You're just gonna buy me a new one?” “Yep.” “A daddy 'till the end.” “Okay, that's it, get off me, no one calls me that unless they want me to break up with them at the very start of a relationship.” Jimin shushes him with a small kiss on the tip of Yoongi's nose. Yoongi would groan at the cheesiness of it but instead he just smiles at Jimin, candyfloss hair tousled and still a little damp, lips kiss swollen and that glint of mischief in his eyes that Yoongi fell for. And they fall asleep like that. Jimin's feet are still too cold against his calves, he still is a huggy sleeper, still hoards the blankets and still smells of lavender and citrus. He'll complain in the morning about feeling gross and will pout until Yoongi gives up and drives to Jimin's favorite coffee shop to buy him his stupid pistacchio muffins and then Jimin will kiss him silly as thank you. 'Cause that's how it's always been and some things don't need to change.

So they fall asleep and, for the first time, Yoongi gets to have this. Him.

End Notes

So I hate this, but whatevs. Buckle yourselves up kids, 'cause I'm about to unload all I've been writing for the Yoonmin Fantasy Bingo and more! You can come scream at me on Twitter and Tumblr. Never forget, Kudos and Comments are what keep an author alive!! See you next time :D

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