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Colégio Estadual Túlio de França Student : ____anny gabrielly__________________________________________nº 3____ 8º __a__ TRABALHO - WILL 1- Escreva as frases a seguir no futuro. a) I pay the bill. R=_I'll pay the bill . b) He leave before six. R=_He hab left before-six c) People work at night. R=people workeb at nitht d) They return late. R=they came back late e) They work on Sundays. R=they workeb on sunday. 2- Passe as frases para a forma interrogativa. a) People Will live well in the future. R=do people will live well in The future b) The bus will leave at five. R=does the bus leave at five c) They will return next week. R=does they will return next week d) Our team will win the game. R=do our team will Win the game . e) You will get up early tomorrow. R=do you will get up e arly tomorrow. 3Escreva na forma negativa por extenso. a) I Will buy a new car. R=I am not will biy a new car. b) She will invite her teacher to the party. R=Sen Is not invide her teacher to the play . c) I will study at night. R=I am not will Study at night . d) She will work with her mother. R=she is not will work With her mother.

e) Mary will sit near me. R=mary not will sit negar me. 4- Passe para a forma negativa abreviada. a) I will go to the beach with you. R=I amn't will go to the beach With you . b) I will write letters to my friends. R=I amn't write letters to my Friends. c) He will send flowers to his girlfriend. He isn't will send flowers to hit girlfriend. d) I will be a dentist. R= I amn't will be a dentist. e) I will study at night. R= I amn't will Study at night .

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