trabalho inglês - luiz fortes

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COLÉGIO TOTEM – CACHOEIRA DO SUL Ensino Médio Exercise 2 Componente Curricular: INGLÊS Professor: Lisandro Staevie Nunes

1º TRIMESTRE – 2020

Aluno (a): __Luiz Fortes___________________________________

Turma: 200 Data: 01/05/2020

Hi dears!! How are you? I miss you a lot!!!

Exercise 1.Complete the sentences using a linking words once only. (Complete as frases utilizando uma conjunção – cada uma somente uma vez)

before - as soon as - while - during - when - but - however,

- so - who

The emperor and his daughters There was once an emperor ……who……… lived in a palace. He had three daughters ……but…… no sons. He wanted his daughters to marry ……before…….. he died. He found three princes. ……however……………. his daughters didn’t like them. They refused to marry the princes, ………so…………. the emperor became very angry. He said they must get married ………when…..……… they were sixteen years old. The three daughters ran away ……during……….. the night and found work on a farm. They fell in love with the farmer’s sons …………while…………. they were working there. They married the sons …… as soon as………. they were sixteen.

Exercise 2.Write a folk tale or fairy story that you know or you can create one. Write about 200 words.

(Escreva um conto popular ou um conto de fadas que você conheça ou você pode criar um. Escreva em torno de 200 palavras.).

Suggestions: (Sugestões) Begin: There was / There were once… Or Once upon a time there was/were … End: … and they lived happily ever after

John and Mary Once upon a time, a poor woodcutter, father of João and Maria, lived in a house, near a large forest. On one occasion, a great crisis came over the country and the situation of the woodcutter became very bad. I could not get food for the children and with that I was no longer able to sleep during the night. The stepmother then suggested that the children be taken into the forest, where they would be abandoned. The father did not like the idea very much, but ended up agreeing. There were the 3 forests inside. Joao, who had overheard the conversation, gathered pebbles of gravel that he dropped by the way so he could find his way back. In the middle of the forest, the father lit a fire there to warm the boys. The father said he would cut wood in the forest, but he returned home. As the father never came again, João and Maria decided to return to the house. It was just following the path of the stones. When they got home, the father was very happy, the stepmother, however, did not like their return. Some time later, misery plagued the country even more. The woman again complained to her husband: - We don't have enough food. We need to take these children to an even more distant place. The father was very sad, but ended up being convinced by his wife. João overheard the conversation and decided to go collect some pebbles again, but this time, his stepmother had locked the door to their room. The next morning, they all went to a distant forest. This time, João was laying pieces of bread to mark the way back. This time, the children were abandoned in a place far away from home. When they decided to return, João was unable to find the pieces of bread he had dropped along the way. The birds had eaten everything. For three days and three nights, the two were lost in the forest. Suddenly, they found a little house made of bread and cake. As they were very hungry, they ate a piece of the house. While they were eating, an old woman with a cane came out of the house and invited them in, pretending to be a good girl, but she was just an evil witch. When they entered the house, the witch arrested João. He fed him well so he could get fat and eat it later. João, knowing what the witch intended, always showed her a piece of bone when she came to examine her finger. The witch didn't notice, because she was kind of blind. One day, the witch's patience ran out and she asked Maria to light the oven so that she could eat João, even skinny. Sad Maria, had to obey her. When the witch approached the oven, Maria pushed her inside. Both were now free. João put the jewelry and food from the house in a basket and went looking for his parents' house. After several days of searching, they ended up finding the house. The parents received us with great joy. They were very sorry to have left them both
trabalho inglês - luiz fortes

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